Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather Weirdness

The weather has been really weird here. Normally, at this time of the year, we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s, cooling down to the 50s at night.
That all changed over the weekend!
First, we had a windstorm, which means we had a sandstorm. Can't have one without the other here!
Then it rained, then snow, then more high winds and sand.
Which means that yesterday afternoon we had rain mixed with snow mixed with sand and dirt, all being blown around by high winds!
Basically, it was raining mud pies.
The goats were confused, the chickens were annoyed, the dogs sorta freaked out and looked at me as if they were asking "Where the heck did this stuff come from!? You don't really expect us to go out in THAT do you?"
Yesterday the sandstorm/windstorm was so bad in the morning that the milk from the morning milking ended up as a treat for the chickens and the dogs. Just too much sand blew into it! (Oh, how I wish I had an indoor milking parlor!) I couldn't strain it out, there was so much.
The dogs and chickens enjoyed the treat, however.
It was still cold this morning, but the wind had died down from last night, although the forecast calls for it to pick up later.
By Thursday we are supposed to have temperatures back in the 70s and 80s and no wind, so things should get back to normal around here. I normally have the heat turned off by now...but I actually had to crank it up a bit as the nighttime temperatures have been in the 30s!
From friends all around the web and around the country, I have heard stories of weather weirdness...warmer than usual, colder than usual, stormier, etc.
I certainly hope our weather straightens out soon...and yours, too!


  1. I think Ma Nature is having a bit of a hissy fit right now. Hardly a winter to speak of here but the temps are way warmer than they should be.
    Hope your windy mud pies stop soon.

  2. So very, very strange. Weather, that is. Well, and us :)

    1. To make things even weirder...we felt that earthquake that hit Mexico today! So, within the space of 24 hours, we had rain, snow, sandstorm AND an earthquake!

  3. What sort of seasoning goes with Tex-Mex mud pies?

    Sounds nasty.


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