Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goat-a-polooza! (and Chicken-po-looza, too!)

A beautiful morning here! Bright blue sunny skies, no wind, temperature is cool, but not cold.
So, in celebration of Spring, I released all the goats and chickens to frolic in the backyard today!
and frolicking they are! Okay, the chickens aren't frolicking, but the goats are, especially the little ones!
Neala...she has such unusual markings!

Nina escorts her little ones out of the pen.

Nina keeps close watch as they explore

Mama Nina tucked Nola and Neala under the milk stand when the other goats got too close for comfort!

Gabby and daughter Gerte browse through the hay box.

Lily and Liam

Champagne checks out the view from the back porch!
Liam climbs on EVERYTHING! But, he got stuck on the milk stand and then on the wheelbarrow and had to be rescued!

Gabby going to check out the chicken coop

Some of the girls enjoying the sunshine and a dust bath!
The chickens are not impressed by the goats. They especially don't like the wee ones...Liam and Max have been chasing the chickens around the yard...that all stopped when Pender, the rooster, decided to chase back!
Hope you all are enjoying the day and the weather has improved where you are!
Later today I will be posting a rather political post. Some things are *gnawing* at me and I have to write about them.
But before I take the time to do that, I need to start some bread dough for dinner tonight and get some laundry on the line!


  1. I have 12 acres in East Texas and have often thought of getting goats to keep the place clear.

  2. Lamb, What times dinner, we will be right over :-)

    Love the pictues of the goats and chickens playing and investigating.


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