Friday, March 16, 2012

And The Winner Is..................

Nina fooled us all!
I went to bed around 8:30pm, checked on Nina and change.
No more bagging up, no mucus, no sign of labor AT ALL!
Around 10:15 Nina let out a screech, followed by the goat approximation of a banshee wail.
Jerked me up out of a dead sleep...I grabbed the birthing kit and flashlight and hauled butt out to the pen.
She was laying down in the goat house and the first little one was on it's way out!
As soon as the wee one was delivered, I gave it a quick wipe down and presented her (yes, a doeling!) to her mama. Nina began bathing her and cuddling her. A few minutes later, Nina screeched again and began delivering the second kid. Uh-Oh...this one decided to come into the world the hard way! Breech and it's wee legs were all tangled up.
I pushed it back in and tried to sort things out...with Nina looking back at me as if she were asking "What ARE you doing back there!?"
By this time, all the kids had wandered out to watch the festivities and Nina was getting very nervous. I shooed everyone out of the pen and came back in to wash up a bit.
Then I went back out and Nina had a second kid she was pushing out...I helped pull it out and in no time flat she was cleaning it up..
Here's the first pics!

One coal black reflecting the colors of Nina, and the other one brown, like Wang, their Daddy.
So, Humble Wife, send me your info for me to send you the cajeta (I won't post it!).
Also...Name these babies!
Names have to start the letter "N"...and remember, they are both girls!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! So glad they are here safe and healthy. They are beautiful.

  2. Aw, so cute! Congrats! Nina's quite the prankster!

  3. How fun! Okay so I will email you my info...and can I have a few hours to think of the names? I am excited and off to come up with some names!

    Woohoo by the way!


  4. In thinking St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow-I thought maybe names of Irish origin. I also tried to pick names to have a Spanish sound to them as you are in the southwest as am I. More importantly the kiddles momma is named Nina which is little girl or girl in Spanish.

    Here goes:

    1. Neala~according to think baby names dot com-means champion, is of Irish/Gaelic origin and is the feminine of Neal. Pronounced Nee ay la. This name for the little black one.

    2. Nola~according to think baby names dot com- means white shoulder, is of Irish/Gaelic origin and of course seems to match the little brown one with the white shoulder spot!

    I hope that these names are acceptable to the Frippery Farm homestead...oh and for fun~how about the Frippery Farm gang help the Double Nickel Farm on the naming of our little doeling. She was a twin born on leap year. Her twin was named by my daughter ~~ McLintock(of the John Wayne Movie).

    By the way~this was fun!



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