Friday, March 16, 2012

And the Names Are:


Thanks to Jennifer aka Humble Wife!
In case you didn't read her comment naming the wee doelings:
"In thinking St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow-I thought maybe names of Irish origin. I also tried to pick names to have a Spanish sound to them as you are in the southwest as am I. More importantly the kiddles momma is named Nina which is little girl or girl in Spanish.

Here goes:

1. Neala~according to think baby names dot com-means champion, is of Irish/Gaelic origin and is the feminine of Neal. Pronounced Nee ay la. This name for the little black one.

2. Nola~according to think baby names dot com- means white shoulder, is of Irish/Gaelic origin and of course seems to match the little brown one with the white shoulder spot!

I hope that these names are acceptable to the Frippery Farm homestead...oh and for fun~how about the Frippery Farm gang help the Double Nickel Farm on the naming of our little doeling. She was a twin born on leap year. Her twin was named by my daughter ~~ McLintock(of the John Wayne Movie).

Jen, since the male was named McClintock, after John Waynes character, why not name the wee doe Katie (or Katherine) after Maureen O'Hara's character. Or, Maureen, if you want to stick with "M" names...and cause I LOVE Maureen O'Hara!


  1. Love love love Maureen as a name. It ties in with the movie, and also St. Patrick's Day!! Wonderful!


  2. Y'all are just a whole lot better at this naming thing then I. I saw that contest and broke out into a cold sweat at the very idea of coming up with some poor innocent animals name.

    My little one just named our mole. He came up (innocently) Dik, and then when I hesitated, decided Dig was even better. So if he had been doing the naming your goats might be named But and Chewy.


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