Monday, February 6, 2012

A Conversation

I am currently on my Darlin' Mans' laptop...which is really weird. I mean it feels a toy or something.
Give me my big clunky bruiser of a desktop ANY day!

Anyway...I figured I would report on how Trixie, the girl turkey ended up on our little farm.

So, the Darlin' Man spent a good part of Saturday morning putting up the new pen for Timothy Turkey.
Saturday evening, the Darlin' Man had to go out and run some errands and report briefly for work. I figured "What kind of mischief can he go into with such a short trip?"
I am SUCH an optimist!

So, he returns and I was busy putting a post up on this blog, so I didn't peek out the window to see what was taking him so long to come in the door.
When he DID come in, here's (as best as I can remember) the conversation we had:

HIM: You know I love you, right?
ME: Yes, darling, I love you, too. (and I WAS thinking "Uh-Oh")
HIM: And you kow I love farming and animals, right?
ME: Yes, and so do I.
HIM: You don't think I am an animal hoarder, do you?
ME: No, but if you keep it up...well, just ask me next time!
HIM: Well, I got the pen built for the turkey pretty fast!
ME: Yes, you did...but NO MORE animals UNLESS we have a pen built FIRST!
HIM: ABSOLUTELY! Look out in the turkey pen!!!
ME: I have seen the new pen, it looks great.
HIM: No, LOOK in the turkey pen.....
...short period of awkward silence as I just "look" at him. Ladies, you know the "look" I am talking about!...
HIM: You won't believe the deal I got on her!
ME: *facepalm*
We go out in the yard and I check out the new turkey.
HIM: I got a discounted price because she only has one eye.
ME: S-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, you somehow found a one eyed turkey at a discounted price and you were gone from the house less than an hour? How did you manage THAT!?
HIM: Well, actually, I was talking to Stretch.... (a neighbor that has goats, sheep, pigs, pheasants, peafowl, turkeys, horses, etc and five times more property than us. I think Stretch is the Darlin' Mans' idol...sigh)
ME: Oh dear god NO.
HIM: Well, Stretch let me have her at a GREAT price. What do you think of her?
ME: As long as Timothy Turkey likes her.
At this point, Timothy decides to show the new turkey hen just how much he does like her. The Darlin' Man is beside himself with glee.

So, that's the type of conversations that occur around here...
Some days I think my Darlin' Man needs a chaperone when he goes out...


  1. So lets talk Turkey. LOL Don't let him out alone!!! LOL

  2. Defunct hen, one eyed does have a penchant for works in progress....lmao...but at least it's animals & not cars :)

  3. A one-eyed turkey ...sigh. Only at Frippery Farm! LOL

  4. Wanted you to know I nominated you for a Liebster award, Lamb. Check it out.

    : )

  5. FYI: I added you to my post on blogs I love.


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