Friday, January 27, 2012

Well, That Didn't Last Long!

The bread we baked on Sunday...all gone. Three loaves of regular bread, a dozen hamburger rolls and a dozen round pitas.
That's a lot of bread!
I don't have a bread machine, so it's all by hand, boys and girls!
So, after I fed the critters, fed the Darlin' Man breakfast, woke the kids up for school, milked the goat, started the pot roast in the crock pot for dinner and started the dishwasher (I use it when I'm rushed); I started my bread dough.
I am thinking two loaves of bread for sandwiches, toast and such and a pan of dinner rolls.

We go through a lot of bread here,despite my efforts to get everyone off the carb wagon and eat more salads. The Darlin'Man, conditioned by over 20 years of military meals doesn't consider it a meal unless there is a protein (usually meat), a green vegetable, a starch AND bread. Except breakfast, which is always a meat (bacon or sausage), two eggs over easy and toast/pita/tortilla.
I ate a salad for breakfast this morning, with a boiled egg sliced in it My lunch will probably be a couple of slices of gouda cheese and a pear. ( I LOVE fresh pears!)
I am not so rigid as the Darlin' Man when it comes to meal choices!
I can thank my parents for that! My father was not adverse to having pancakes and eggs for dinner....and a steak and potato for breakfast. He once told me that one of the best parts of being an adult was eating what you wanted when you wanted, lol! 
My breakfast choices for the last week have included the aforementioned salad, rice with vegetable broth, a hot dog with onions & sweet pickle relish & raw onions, scrambled eggs and a mug of hot cocoa and one day when I started with a tangerine and a slice of whole wheat toast.
Since I am making pot roast tonight, I will probably end up with leftover pot roast and potatoes tomorrow...which I'll make into a quick hash. I am very happy when I have good leftovers for breakfast!

How about you? Are you rigid in your meals, or do you go with spur of the moment choices?


  1. No rigid cooking here! It's whatever we have in the fridge, whatever I remembered to defrost, what I may have killed or what was just brought home with DH on his way home from work because I got lazy and told him to pick up a take & bake pizza!

    We are carb junkies. DH is the same as yours....Meat, veggie, starch AND bread. Good thing we have a lot of wheat in our pantry!

  2. No rules for me and my family. I love breakfast for dinner and we have it at least twice a month. I often eat a type of Chili for breakfast and have for almost 25 years.

    I am a rigid non conformist!!


  3. My husband loves meat and potatoes too. I try to mix it up and have an all vegetable meal once a week. We love breakfast for dinner and he loves steak and eggs for breakfast. I love brown rice, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, anything I feel like for lunch, he prefers soup and sandwich; the children are a mixed bag, some are very traditional, others eat whatever. Our youngest would eat pizza three times a day if we'd let him. When they were young and I was very tired, some nights we'd have muffins, fruit and popcorn for supper while watching a movie. I think it's all what you get used to. We had asian exchange students and they preferred rice and fish for breakfast. One of our sons made up a dish we call breakfast salad, consisting of meat (bacon or sausage) fried up then leftover potatoes added (diced), then some scrambled eggs. Seasoned with whatever spice combo strikes the cooks fancy and served hot. Everybody like it.

  4. I eat what my fixes for me. There is a schedule.

  5. I love breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast and two of the kids take after me in that respect. I'll often cook them all 'regular' breakfast food and then eat a burrito from left over refried beans with salsa for my breakfast. Hubby, like yours, is a meat/vegetable/starch guy who thinks there are certain foods you eat for breakfast. Of course, he's also a military guy, so that explains some of it, too. He's gotten used to breakfast for dinner every now and then, though, over the years.

  6. Cold pizza for breakfast in the AM. or coffee and toast. Sometimes we have eggs for dinner or pancakes. we are flexible.

  7. I try to plan balanced meals, but with Hubby having to take off at a moments notice leaves me with having to make sure to keep quick fix, good foods on back up. I don't mind though because planning meals out for the week allows me to not get in a rut, I love changing it up every now & then.

  8. So glad I am not the only one that isn't rigid in my meals!


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