Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gone With Wind!

We had wind last night...LOTS of wind!
Everything in the back yard was blown about. Tarps, lumber, panels on the goat pen, the chicken coop, feed buckets, etc.
It was a mess this morning!
Finally got it all cleaned up and put away, except for a few tarps that are still missing. I figure a neighbor will show up and let us know they found them. I returned a few items to neighbors myself this morning!
The chickens were a bit agitated this morning and wanted no part of coming out in the yard. They were staying in their coop, thankyouverymuch!
The goats were hiding in their houses...except for Molly and Paulis, as the panels of their house were blown off! I got those panels back on and fed everyone and milked Gabby.
The wind has calmed down a bit now, and I hope it won't pick up again tonight.
I have bread dough rising on the kitchen table. Hamburger buns, (great recipe here!), whole wheat pita bread and regular bread for sandwiches, toast and such.
I have gotten in the habit of doing all my weekly baking on one day.Any bread I don't plan to eat immediately gets frozen or refrigerated for later in the week.
Hope all is going well for everyone out there!

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  1. I know a lot of folks here in Texas and even some in other states are having some unusual winds this year! I hope you don't get any more damage!

    Scared the critters pretty good, I imagine!


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