Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uh-Oh! It Followed You Home, You Say?

We have Siona:
She is a competent guardian of the property, plus...look at that face!

We have Andy:
He looks like a competent guard dog....but in reality is what I would call addle-pated. Just a big galloping puppy that doesn't respect personal space and frequently runs into walls.
I am okay with these two dogs. Andy drives me crazy some days, but I am used to it now. Training him has been I suspect he is actually brain damaged in some manner---don't laugh, it can happen!

Well...the other day a couple of the Darlin' Man's co-workers called him and announced they had found a stray dog on the other side of the base and could he take it? He told them to call me as I was the one making decisions on all animals here (WHAT!?!? I swear, I wasn't the one that decided on Ugly Betty---who, by the way, has not laid an egg yet). Anyway, they called and pled their case and I finally said to bring the dog over and we'd see how the other dogs felt.
Let me explain, I don't like small dogs. At all. I worked as a vet tech and a dog groomer in the past and small dogs are always a pain in the butt! They are snappish and irritable, fragile and needy. Give me a big dog any day!
So, the guys show up with this:
A chihuahua mixed with....something.Small. Tiny, in fact. Fragile.Black and brown brindle with a white patch on her chest.
Also, malnourished and dehydrated when she got here.
...sigh...I checked her out. She had been spayed, appears to be around 2 or 3 years old. I gave her some water...then some more. Poor pup emptied the water bowl!
I let her take a whizz outside, then brought her in. She was timid and trembled when the other dogs approached. Siona sniffed her all over and then---those frustrated maternal instincts kicking in---assumed this tiny thing must be a puppy and started treating her as such. licked her, cuddled her, etc.
Andy figured this small thing was another toy for HIM! He pawed at her, barked at her and, finally, tried to see if she was a squeaky toy. Yeah, she squeaked. Andy got a rap on the nose for that. He settled down after a bit.
I told the two guys we would keep the lil' mutt until we found her owners or a new home. They left.
The little creature moped around the house all day...then the Darlin; Man came home. Now, mind you, this dog had never met the Darlin' Man.
He walked in the door and the wee canine greeted him as if he were her best friend. She jumped up, she danced, she jumped up next to him on the sofa and climbed into his lap! She watched him with adoring eyes and followed him around the house and yard.
He has named her Baby.
She slept on his clothes while he was at work was the only way to stop her from crying:
So, we are off tomorrow to get her checked for a microchip to see if there is an owner out there.
I so often happens around here....that a soldier was deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and his wife decided she no longer wanted the little dog around and turned it loose far from the housing area.
I guess, if no owner is found...we have a new dog!


  1. It's so bad here that the SPCA on the base had to put cameras in because people would abandon them in crates on the doorstep.

  2. I have never had a small dog, either, but it's really nice of you to take her in and take such good care of her. Our cat was the result of another mil. family getting orders to move overseas. They didn't want to pay the fee to fly him with them, so they dumped him. Some people just suck.

  3. I'm fairly certain she had a big man for a owner by the way she took to your husband. Good for you. Here I thought I was a soft touch...

  4. This 'throw away mentality' is so prevalent these days. That's fine for paper plates when the convenience factor outweighs everything else but in my opinion, it should never ever apply to the animals we choose to bring into our lives.

    They are living, breathing creatures with needs and personalities of their own. I don't have any use for people that mistreat their livestock or pets, and I am wary of people that MY animals dislike or distrust.

  5. Forgot to say...
    Bless you for giving Baby a chance, Lamb. If you find her rightful owner and they were looking for her, she will have been safe with you until then. If you don't find her owner or they don't want her or dumped her, well ...she'll be safe with you for the rest of her life. You've got a good heart and Darlin' Man does too judging from the way Baby has fallen in love with him. I trust a dog's assessment of a person's character even more than I trust my own!

    : )


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