Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Peafowl Palace and A New Resident at Frippery Farm

The Peafowl Palace is complete!
I think the Darlin' Man, along with the assistance of his son and my son, did a fabulous job!
The peafowl are happy and content. We have a perch in there for them and a house will soon be in there as well, for them to cuddle in when it is really cold.
My chicken house project?
Errrmmm...not complete.
 ...sigh...I'll get back on that today...

Here's my milk stand (someone asked for a pic of my milking set-up recently)
Yes, that is a BBQ grill in the front. The fella forgot to attach a shelf or anything to put a little feed bowl on, so I found that the grill was the perfect height to set a pan full of feed on for the goat to nibble from while I milk. I took this picture right after milking and before I hosed it off. The height works really well when I sit in the lawn chair.

Yesterday the Darlin' Man called from the feed store and told me he was bringing a new chicken home. The feed store guy, Junior, told him this hen was laying an egg every single day. A good chicken, he said, a WONDERFUL chicken. He convinced the Darlin' Man to buy her.
I was expecting something like this:
That's Zoe, a gorgeous chicken that is a good egg producer.

What he brought home was:
Oh yes....this was a remarkable chicken, indeed!
She has been christened..Betty, aka Ugly Betty.
We tried to put her in the chicken coop, but she was immediately attacked by the hens.
We tried to put her in with Pendar, but he decided to romance her...and was so rough, the poor little hen was shrieking in pain and terror. She is so small. Easily half the size of Zoe.
So, she is the new roommate of the peafowl, Pericles and Persephone.
I wonder how she feels being house with such lovely birds?
Poor thing.

Hopefully, she will feather out just fine.
Softie that I am, I pet her and tell her that she is a lovely bird. The peafowl share their feed with her just fine.
So, welcome Ugly Betty to Frippery Farm.


  1. wow, what happened to Betty? I've never seen one that...mangled looking before...poor dear.
    Love the pic of the milking station, glad you explained though, I was wondering if that's how you got them to hold threatening to light it on anyone that moves.

  2. I think maybe your husband should immediately question everything the guy at the feed store tells him from now on! lol.

    Can't wait to see what she looks like after she feathers back out.

  3. Bless her heart! Poor thing looks like a shrink-rayed condor ! :) But if she'll lay an egg a day for you, then I'd declare her beautiful too, and mean it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank goodness you explained the BBQ! I was starting to wonder for a moment!!


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