Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady-in-Waiting and a Little Romance

Gabby the goat just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I swear, I think she is going to have twins...or one really big kid!
See what I mean? Gabby has also been pretty grumpy today, so I think labor is not far off!

And romance has arrived at Frippery Farm...
Remember Ugly Betty?

Yeah...the remarkable bird. Still no eggs.
Remember Pendar?
The gorgeous rooster, here staring wistfully into the peafowl pen...and no, the object of his affections is NOT the peahen.
Check it out:
That's right...he is adoring Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty is not so sure about him, but she accepts his adoration through the pen is fine, as long as he doesn't actually get too close seems to be her attitude!
I will wait until she feathers out more and then re-introduce them. Maybe even build them a little pen of their own...let them start up housekeeping, raise a few chicks...

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  1. I'm beginning to think the guy at the feed store thought it was 'remarkable' he found someone to take Betty. lol


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