Monday, October 24, 2011

Feels Like a Monday

It certainly does feel like a Monday, and the calender informs me it will be Monday all day long...ugh!
This cold of mine is still hanging on. Tried every herbal and/or over the counter remedy I can think of. The only things that really help are cups of hot tea and Riccola cough drops.
So, hot tea is the order of the day here. I add honey and a bit of milk.
The British have it right...a cuppa tea always makes you feel better!
Just a basic update today...
Ugly Betty still hasn't lain an egg. She's NOT a rooster, very definitely a hen.
Gabrielle the goat hasn't given birth yet, but she is due Nov 1st. Poor thing is waddling now!
Nina and Lily have settled in. Molly has turned a bit *bossy* and shoves some of the other goats away from the hay at feeding time. Going to have to figure out a solution to that!
Baby the stray has gotten into the habit of trying to chase Pendar the Rooster. Trying to. She found out that Pendar chases back!
The weather is cooler at night, which makes me happy!
The tea kettle is whistling, so I am going to go have another cuppa'. Hope all y'all are doing fine!


  1. Hey Frippery Farm ! Thanks so much for signing on as afollower to my blog. Imagine a homestead in the desert. I will be back to check you out as well.

  2. Hope you feel better, Lamb. I started feeling back the first week in September and am just now back to par. A cup of steaming hot tea with a little milk is what our mom always brought us when we were sick. I never think of it unless I'm sick, but it's always comforting.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better.


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