Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cooling Off...ahhhhhh...and Other Things

The temperatures here have cooled off nicely the last couple of weeks. A HUGE relief to a heat-hater like me!
Everyone else has pulled out blankets and comforters, but I manage with just a sheet still...and sometimes kick that off.
The Darlin' Man has a bit of time off from work and is splitting it between here and a visit to his eldest daughter. Her college is having it's annual Parents Weekend and wanted him to come to that.
In his absence, I have a few *surprise* projects I want to get completed.

First and foremost, I want to *wnterize* the does goat shed.
It is so hot here in the summer (which, honestly, is most of the year!) that the goats shed we have is really just a covered area for them to seek shade under. Originally, that pen was the *bachelor quarters* for Wang.
As the does kidded, it became more logical to separate the does and new kids from the flock to give the new moms some privacy and to prevent accidental injury to the new kids, so Wang was moved  out and the new moms with kids were moved in.
Then we realized it was just way more convenient to keep the milking does in that pen.
We extended the fence area so the does have more room (last weekends project).
So, I plan on adding sides to the covered area. I think the sides should be permanent, to provide protection from wind (both cold and hot wind!) and so the kidding does have a comfy spot.
It should be fairly easy to do (famous last words, lol!) and I will get to play with power tools again (duck and cover everyone!). We still have plenty of lumber to do the project left over from the scrap lumber the fella brought home.

Smaller projects I have planned are creating a tool rack for our ever increasing tool collection, cleaning the screened-in porch (how DID so much stuff accumulate there?) and maybe re-stringing the clothes line. If I had the right kind of paint somewhere, I'd repaint the clothes line poles as well.

The kids have a day and a half off from school this week, so I will have their help, thankfully.
Is it just me, or do they seem to be giving kids more and more "days off" from school? They have so many teachers work days, etc that it seems that the kids are going less and less. School started a month ago and there have already been 4 days off...Labor Day and the rest teachers work days...although they now call it "Staff Enrichment". (I'll refrain to comment on that!)
Anyway, a full week before the Darlin' Man gets back and I have work to do!
Hope you all have a productive week, too!


  1. On the day off from school issue, very true. My Little Bit has, I think, four days off next week and I have no idea why....strange. Don't work too hard. I love the cold weather.

  2. Staff "Enrichment"? How politically correct! (and insane).

    There WILL be photos of your goat huts / before & after, I hope?! I LOVE seeing how other people house their animals. (please, please, please)

  3. Sounds like you have a good deal of projects to keep you busy!

    Nothing like having projects "standing by!" Keeps us off the streets and out of the pool halls!

  4. When you finish your to do list would you come clean my screened porch? Like you I don't understand how so much stuff ends up out there. LOL Enjoy your projects!

  5. Stephen...I wanted to home school when I moved out here, but the fella said since the kids were already established at this school, we would let them finish out. Sad to say, but the schools out here are pretty bad.
    Carolyn, I plan to take pics! pool halls close enough, lol! And I ALWAYS have a project or ten standing by to keep me busy!
    Peggy, Sure! You come over and help me and then I can come over and help you. And when and how did those shelf boards show up on the porch? I didn't put them there!


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