Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, my posting schedule for this blog has officially been trashed! So many things happening that a regular schedule is now impossible.
The Darlin' Man has been informed that he will be deployed in August of this year to Iraq. He IS fighting it and trying to stay stateside, but it is 90% certain he will have to go.
We must take the attitude that he will be going and prepare for that likelihood.
So, our next decision is: Where do the kids and I stay or go to during said deployment?
We can stay here...no family members nearby, but the base is here with all the advantages that provides.
We can move to Vermont---where we planned to retire to anyway, and rent, lease to own or buy property/a house.Also, the Darlin' Man has family there.
We can move to some other area of the country where he or I have family near-by.
We discussed it with the kids (they are 17 and 15) to get their imput and discussed it with each other.
The consensus is that Vermont will probably be our best bet.
So, I am currently conducting a long distance real estate search in a specific area of Vermont trying to find a place for us to move to.
We have very specific parameters for each scenario:
If we lease to own or buy, the property MUST have:
10+ acres
Water (spring, drilled well already in place, year round stream/brook)
Be suitable for organic gardening and livestock raising.
No HOAs, restrictions, etc on property.

If we rent the property MUST have:
No HOAs, restrictions
Must allow pets
Have a garden space
3+ bedrooms

We may be able to buy land and just drop a mobile home or modular home on it. We'll build our dream home after the fella gets back. In the meantime (in this scenario), I can build outbuildings, get some chickens and maybe a couple of pigs

I have already identified a few properties and contacted some local Realtors in Vermont to make inquiries.
The kids have taken an interest in the areas we sowed them and are checking out local schools, local recreational activities, etc.
So, now you know why I have been absent from my blog and what I have been doing!
Our timeline on this will be VERY tight. The Darlin' Man finds out within the next week if he will be deployed (absolute 100% certainty). We are hoping for the 10% chance he'll be able to stay stateside this round, but not holding our collective breath here. This is not his first deployment, so he knows the odds.
When he finds out, all arrangements and the move will have to be completed by the second week in August!
I will try to keep up on posting here, and let my readers know if the deployment becomes set in stone. I'll be posting about the strange journey it is to find real estate long distance...how we will decide on a place (probably sight unseen---eek!) and the logistics of moving...and the move will include our preps and most likely at least one goat! (Oh, won't that be fun!?!?)


  1. you could buy property from Ozarkland.com and put a pre-built shed on it to live in temp like we are till our house is built. Granted "life gets in the way" keeps happening to getting our house built. I even know of a place near me that offers rent to own sheds, so a look around might be very helpful and you never know what you might find. Or land has no building codes what so ever so we're very happy here.

  2. I hope for the ten percent chance he gets to say stateside, for all your sakes ...but I have confidence in you and the family that you will make the best of it if he is deployed. Having the kids on board with the idea will make it so much easier on you and the Darlin' Man.

    Keep us posted...

  3. Lamb,
    Sorry to hear about life intervening and the sacrifices a military family endures. Post when you can we'd love to follow you on your journey and when you get settled. Glad you get to take a goat and your preps, even if it will be a pain to move altogether

  4. Rivenfae: We are looking at those sheds at Lowes and Home Depot (as they are nationwide) and some of them look "doable".We are planning on moving to Vermont and Ozarkland is not selling in that area...although I love the Ozarks (especially in Arkansas!)

    Woman Who Runs With Horses: We are hoping for stateside, too, but it's not looking good...thanks for the good thoughts!

    Kelle, I will be posting about the move and possibly even posting during the move, lol!Gotta take all y'all along on my newest journey/adventure!


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