Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is what the chickens gave us yesterday:
Sorry about the crappy quality, using the Boys cell phone to take these.
Our chickens give us all different shades of brown and tan and one continues to lay pale blue and green eggs.

I have started arranging our raised beds for the dirt delivery:
I love these boxes! I have drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and will be lining the bottoms with mulch and straw to retain moisture in this drydryDRY climate.

They came out of salvaged lumber pile, just had to pull the lids off.
Here's some of our salvaged lumber:
 What you see in this picture is about 1/10 of our lumber pile!


  1. Nice eggs! I would imagine that with a load of scrap lumber like that, there are plenty of projects just waiting!

  2. Love the scrap lumber.. My husband hates that I scavenge scraps, but we end up using them for so much.


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