Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Pics Yet

I am fighting with the stupid phone...I took some pics with it of Patches and her new baby, but can't get them to load on my computer! I will keep trying!

Update  on Patches...
She only had the one kid, but he is cute as the dickens! Mostly white with a bit of pale brown near his feet and on his head. VERY tiny! I think that is because Patches is rather a small goat and this was her first kid.
I transferred Patches and her new baby into the smaller goat pen and put the rest of them into the larger goat pen. Geordi (Gabrielle's kid) kept wanting to play with the new baby and he was rough, despite the splint on his leg! Besides, I think the new mama and baby need some *alone time* to bond and give the little guy a good start.
Patches is being a very good mama. She bathes the little guy constantly and hovers over him as he sleeps. I was putting feed in her pen and getting her fresh water today and my dog, Siona, decided to check out the new baby. Let me say first that Siona LOVES baby animals of any species. Even though she never had a litter of her own (had her spayed when she was around a year old), she seems to have this intense maternal instinct for all things *baby*.
Well, Siona came in the pen and made a bee-line for the new baby goat. Mama Patches attention was temporarily distracted by the sweet feed I was putting in her trough. Siona immediately started snuggling the new baby and giving it a bath. The little guy didn't seem to mind, but Patches turned around and WHOOOO-BOY! I swear, that goat got a look of horror and shock on her face! She bleated loudly and charged straight at Siona---who wisely made a hasty bee-line for the pen gate and the back porch!
Patches sniffed her baby to make sure all was well, smelled *dog* on him and immediately began giving the poor little fella a thorough bath as only a mama goat can give.
I finished up the feeding, came back to the house and was greeted by the sight of a very forlorn Siona on the back porch. I took her inside and gave her a treat and pulled out a toy for her. I keep some toys hidden away for occasions such as this for my dog---yeah, she's spoiled! It was a stuffed baby doll I got at a yard sale. Siona ate her snack and took the baby doll over to her dog bed, gave it a nice bath and snuggled down with it for a nap.Poor Siona. She would have been a good mama dog, but since she was not pure-bred and it is better for a dogs health to have them spayed, she never got the chance. One day we'll get a new puppy, though, and I expect she'll *mother* the dickens out of it!

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  1. LOL, poor Siona, she'll just have to do with the doll. Happy to hear the baby is doing well! I'm particularly fond of baby goats myself ;)


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