Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan's Earthquake and other things

I have been consumed with the news from Japan and trying to keep abreast of the news from there.
Here are a couple of blogs from folks in Japan:
An Austrailian living in Japan
An LDS (Mormon) lady living in Japan

The interesting thing about the LDS lady...she mentions in her blog that *locals* (i.e., Japanese citizens) are NOT allowed to have food storage as that is considered *hoarding* and is illegal. However, since her husband is in the military and she and the kids are dependents and not Japanese citizens, they ARE allowed to have food storage.

Imagine being told by your government that you could NOT have more than two weeks food storage in your home. A disaster strikes. How do you feed yourself and your family? How horrible a thought is that!?
Today our newest goat baby was a week old. To mark the occasion, we gave Mama Goat Patches a bath. She was a bit smelly. After she had her baby, she was so anxious about taking care of him that she didn't do much to clean herself up. So, we put her in the stock on the milking stand, got a bucket of warm soapy water and some wash cloths and washed her down thoroughly. She was rather annoyed and upset until I got the Girl to hold the goat baby directly in front of Patches. We rinsed her down with warm water and dried her off and after getting her baby back and a little bit of grain, she happily settled down in her pen for the night.
Tomorrow we start milking her. Not a lot at first. I plan on getting her used to it gradually so as not to *sour* her on the experience. Gabby is still milking well enough for our needs, but with extra milk, I could start some cheese-making and yogurt making...
My seeds have started coming up and I am so pleased with that! We are planning on getting some good garden dirt the first of April and I have figured out where our raised bed gardens will go. All I need is for my seedlings to grow, grow, GROW!

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  1. Makes me wonder if the Japanese will continue to listen to their government from hear on out?

    Enjoy your milk and by-products, we're getting closer to purchasing a couple of dairy nannys.:o) Our cow won't freshen until 2012, so we'd like to enjoy milk and by- products until then, so goats are the answer, as we can't afford nor do we have room to house another dairy cow.

    Glad to hear your seeds are sprouting. Our seeds are sprouting quick this year and with higher than normal germination rates too*wink* I even experimented with planting TRUE potato seed and it's coming up too! Now to keep the weather cooperating.


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