Monday, March 7, 2011

My Plans and Other Impossible Dreams!

So, seeds are started. Getting ready to order good soil for the raised bed garden. Cinderblocks ready to set in place....
And then...
Our landlord comes over tonight to let us know he is moving the fence as he is selling one of the lots our house is on. It will reduce us from more or less an acre to more or less three quarters of an acre.
Le sigh...
So, I have spent the evening figuring out how to fit the garden beds into the front yard, how we can fence them off so the goats don't eat them, etc.
I can make it work...just appreciated that extra quarter acre!
I am so glad he told us before I started the actual construction of the beds or before I had pricey garden soil delivered and dumped there! Now, either of those would have been an absolute nightmare scenario!
So, I will have to scale back my garden a wee bit and refigure what goes where in the next few days.
Geordi the goat still has the splint on his leg. I honestly do not think he will make it, due to the serious nature of the break. My only hope is that he is young enough that maybe his bones are still a wee bit *rubbery* and will heal well. I just don't see it happening, though. We can't butcher him out for meat as I would be too fearful of an infection in his system. He doesn't seem to be in pain and is hobbling about on three legs and nursing from his mama.
The fella brought home two new chickens today. No names for them yet...I am thinking "Carmen" and "Miranda"...
I really think our chicken coop is at it's *carrying capacity* and told the fella so. He has promised not to bring home any more chickens. I am going to have to re-configure the roosting and nest box set up we currently have as it is.Another project that is necessary that I really don't have time for but I'll have to make the time for!
Thank goodness the Darlin' Man is now satisfied with the size of our little flock!
Our hens have been laying plenty of eggs for us with some to spare!
Another time consumer...I think since our backyard is getting *re-sized*, I will make it more *people friendly* rather than *critter friendly*.
Maybe put in a small fire-pit, fix up the patio a bit. Spring is looking us in the eye and summer will soon be here, so that means more time outdoors for all.We have a grill, but it is a small one and I like fire pits. Could also put in a water feature of some kind...? I know I want to get several humming bird feeders as we get those little airborne jewels flitting about in droves come summer! I love the humming birds!
Well, that's the update from my little corner in the world!
Just goes to show, you never can tell what is being thrown your way when you make plans! They can change in an instant!


  1. Sounds like you are going to be very very busy for awhile. Sad to hear you lost some garden space. Maybe things will work out anyway. Blessings jane

  2. well will the landlord be cutting 1/4 of your rent off also? lol! doubt it!

    I hope it all goes well for you and little Geordi DOES make it!! poor little guy! I didn't realize he had broke anything.... I must have missed a post.

  3. Kellie, I wish the landlord would drop some off the rent, but I really don't see that happening!

  4. It's always something, that's for sure!

    Sorry to hear about the reduction! I do know what you mean about having more plans than land, though!

    I have no doubt you'll come up with a workable scenario! Good luck!


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