Friday, March 11, 2011

Beauty Friday!

Yes, today is *beauty* day.(Male readers, please sit over in the corner, I put the t.v. on ESPN so you won't perish from estrogen overload!)
Yes, I muck out goat pens and chicken coops. I can be found elbow deep in dirt during the garden season.
But, I am a girl, female, woman, gal, however you want to term it.
I like feeling pretty. I like being *girly* at times.
So, today, I do my *beauty* treatment. I can't afford to go to a spa, I can't afford to buy loads of cosmetics and treatments at the local drugstore.
So, I make my own.
First, my hair..
I have long, curly, easily tangled hair. I also live in a climate that will suck the moisture and life out of your hair fast. So, my first priority is my hair.
I give myself a hot oil treatment to get some life and moisture back into my hair. First, moisture. I get my hair soaking wet with warm water before I do anything else. Next I massage in warmed oil. My first choice is coconut oil, second choice is olive oil. Since my hair is long and very dry, I use about a half cup of warmed oil and work it in all the way to the ends. Then I wrap my hair up in plastic wrap or a towel. I am currently out of plastic wrap, so I opted for a towel today. I will let this set in my hair for about 2 hours and then I will mix an egg yolk with milk and massage that into my hair and leave the whole mess in for another hour until I wash it all out.
While my hair is getting it's treatment, I work on my skin. First I make sure my skin is clean, so I wash with Pear soap (it is gentle). Then I take an egg white (lightly beaten with a teaspoon of water) and spread that all over my face. I let that dry and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Then I take a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil and massage that into my face and neck. I leave that in for about an hour or until I am ready for washing out my hair.
What's funny is while I am doing all of the above, I am going about my daily business here as well...hanging up laundry, feeding chickens, etc. The goats and chickens don't seem to mind, but my appearance freaks out the dogs a bit, lol!
OH! Almost forgot! My feet! I slather loads of coconut or olive oil on my feet, coat them with Vaseline and put on a pair of old socks.That stays on my feet until I take my shower to wash out my hair, etc.
I am fairly shiny and greasy by the time I hit the shower,lol!
A half hour before my shower, I strip down and apply coconut or olive oil all over.
When I take my shower, I use Pear soap and later, lather, lather! I lather up at least twice, rinsing well in-between lathering.
I use my favorite shampoo to wash my hair and then condition.
After I get out of the shower, I use a teeny bit of coconut oil on my elbows (why do elbows get dryer faster?) and use a nice body lotion all over.
Finally, I whirl some cucumber up in the blender and spread that on my face. Let it soak in for a half hour, then rinse off.
Yes, this all seems like a lot of trouble and time consuming, but I only do this once a month. It is a treat for ME.
When I am all done and dressed, I feel girly and pretty and ready to face anything.
I am not dousing myself with a lot of chemicals or artificial colors or fragrances. I use all natural and plant based materials.My expense is minimal. And I can continue on with my day here while I am doing most of it.
So, you have a *beauty* day included in your schedules? What do you use?
(By the way, I have heard of the *no poo* method...using no shampoo on your hair...and no, I will not take that route. Tried it once and my hair looked gawdawful and tangled horrendously)
I know most of us are homesteaders and preppers, but we can still feel pretty and feminine without breaking the bank!

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