Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's in YOUR Stockings? And Childhood Indulgences.

When I was growing up, my Christmas stockings (as well as those of my sisters) contained basically the same thing every year. A set with a hairbrush, comb and nailbrush. A set of days of the week panties. Socks. A pair of gloves. A tangerine, some walnuts in the shell. Candy.

When my kids were growing up, I put about the same things in my kids stockings, although I usually added a small toy or stuffed animal.
This year I have to fill stockings for Boy, Girl, my fella and (SURPRISE!), the fella's oldest daughter and his mother (who will both be joining us for the holiday)

Boy and Girl will both get hairbrush sets.Socks.Warm gloves and a warm hat. Tangerines and nuts in the shell and candy.
Older Girl will get a travel hairbrush set. Socks, warm gloves and hat. Tangerines and nuts in the shell and candy.
Fella will get socks, some hygiene items, handkerchiefs, tangerines and nuts and candy.

Problematic is Fella's Mom.
What do I put in HER stocking? I have never met her. Never even talked to her. Have NO CLUE what she likes and dislikes. I asked my fella for suggestions and his (typical) male response?
"I dunno...'Mom' stuff, I guess"
(Massive eye roll.....)
I can toss in the traditional tangerine, nuts and candy---just "upscale" the candy a bit (small box of Godiva chocolates, perhaps?). I doubt she needs the hairbrush set. Maybe some Isotoner gloves? I'll have to give this some more thought, I guess.

I have been catering to my childhood memories the past couple of days.
Tapioca pudding. I LOVE it! Haven't made it in ages, though. Picked up some tapioca the other day at the store and have made some every other day since.
I heartily recommend tapioca with raisins in it for breakfast. Also good with dried cranberries in it!
Mine was still warm when I dug into it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
Sometimes it helps to cater to your "inner child"---especially during the holidays!


  1. My folks used to put the same kind of stuff in our stockings. The candy was always one of those tiny Whitman's Samplers, like four or five pieces of chocolate. I like your idea of upscaling the candy for Fella's Mom to Godiva. If she LIKES chocolate, she'll LOVE Godiva! The Isotoner gloves are good too and what about hand lotion? Maybe a mirror in a case for her purse?

    I think it's nice you're doing stockings for the adults too. I do hope someone is filling YOURS.

    : )

  2. I always for an apple, orange, some walnuts and cashews( my favorite), small tokens and tresures( such as jacks and a new bouncy ball, new cards, fingernail polish,etc...)

    We still fill stocking as adults around here too, it's far more fun than one or two gifts. We try to be creative and half of the items have to be homemade( candies, cookies, jams, scarves, mittens, hats neck warmers, etc....) the rest comes from items picked up on sale thoroughout the year, sometimes it's as simple a needles and thread, a jar of buttons( collected at a garage sale, a new mug and a qt. jar of homemade hot cocoa mix*wink*



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