Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Wrap

I am making my Christmas present wrap again this year. I abhor paying for paper that is discarded after that one use!
This year I am using burlap....we have oodles of it that we got free and I am in the process of washing it to soften it up before using it.
Once it it is washed and dried, I will sew bags of various sizes to put gifts in.
I am using some acrylic craft paint and some stamps, so the burlap will have pretty designs, it won't be just plain, boring brown.
Out of my fabric stash, I will get calico ribbon to tie the bags. The bags can be used afterwards for many useful purposes.

I can't remember the last time I bought gift wrap!
I have loads of gift bags that I have saved from presents given to me. I use fabric, the comic section of the paper, plain white bauthers paper, brown paper grocery bags, etc.
Ribbons are twine, yarn, fabric...things I already have around the house.

If you use plain butchers paper, use craft paint to decorate. You can use stamps you already have or make stamps from potatoes! (Cut a potato in half, carve your design in the cut side) Let your little ones use their hands to *stamp* the paper with their wee hand prints. (Grandparents LOVE that gift wrap!)

If giving a gift to new parents for a baby, wrap the present in a receiving blanket and make a bow from pacifiers or baby hair accessories (for a girl).

They still sell flour is cloth sacks. Buy your flour that way and wash the sack when you use the flour up. Save those sacks for gift bags! Especially appropriate when you are giving kitchen items!

Recipients that sew or quilt always appreciate a gift wrapped in fabric!
If you are sending a gift to someone who is away from home for Christmas, consider wrapping their present in their hometown paper---not just the comic section! I once received  a gift from a friend wrapped in my hometown paper....I took great care in unwrapping my gift so I could read the paper---the wrapping was just as much of a gift as the contents!

Don't waste your hard earned on paper this year! The money you spend on paper and ribbon could be used to buy another gift or put a couple of extra items on your table! Look around your house and I am sure you will find some great stuff to wrap gifts in!

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