Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wow! I won...again!

The past month I have entered a couple of blog give-aways...okay, I entered about 6 .
I won TWO!
The first was for a $140 gift certificate from for following the blogathon for the Downed Bikers Association done by Phelan over at Following the Yellow Brick Road. She has another amazing blog here  about her homestead and adventures there! (And donate to the Downed Bikers...good charity!
With the gift certificate I got a heavy duty wheel barrow (Razorback brand) and a French bread loaf pan (Fox Run brand). Both arrived promptly and are fantastic! Seriously, the loaf pan is amazing and I have NEVER had French bread come out so perfectly! Check it out here !
Today I found out I won over at Chef Tess Bakeresse's blog by sending in my weird turkey roasting recipe. The announcement and my winning entry can be found here .  
If you do not yet read Chef Tess..... Shame. On. You.
Amazing recipes with loads of pics to nudge you through the hard parts. Videos, too, of her recipes and t.v. appearances!

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  1. Hey, congrats on winning! It's always fun to win something, especially if it's something you can use!

    You have fun with the new loot!


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