Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making plans for Christmas

I know, I isn't even Halloween yet and I am already making plans for the Christmas season.
But, as any prepper type will tell you, planning is vitally important!
I am making most of the gifts I am giving.
One duvet cover and four quilts. A couple of tote bags and other small things.
Today, however, I am perusing recipes.
When my kids were younger, I tried to make the Yule meal more festive by making a traditional holiday meal of another country or era.
Sweden, Mexico, Germany, France, even Argentina and Korea found their way to my table---with varying degrees of success.
I haven't  done this for several years, but since I will have my Darlin' Man and his possibly one of my kids visiting AND my fella's mother here, I think I will try it again!

I am thinking about a few different "themes":
A Charles Dickens Christmas
An Irish Country Christmas
An American Pioneer Christmas (circa 1800)

Menus and decorations go with the theme.

Now, I have not decided which one to go with here. I am open to suggestions of different themes as well.
So, dear readers, put on your thinking caps and help me come up with an idea or two or three!

Other things.....
Red, our cantankerous rooster, is currently in the *bachelor quarters* . He had lorded it over the four hens to their detriment. He shoved them out of the way and ate the majority of the food, and spent his non meal time humping the poor girls until they were hiding under the little henhouse in fear. They went two days without laying eggs!
So, yesterday, the Darlin' Man decided the hens needed a rest from Reds attentions.
Red did NOT want to leave! The battle ensued across the back yard...the Darlin' Man armed with a broom and Red, armed with beak and talon, duking it out for supremacy. First, Red had to be persuaded to leave the chicken coop WITHOUT his entourage of hens. Not an easy task!  Red was swept out of the coop, but he took Matilda and Miss Priscilla with him. I herded the girls back into the coop as my fella chased Red around the yard with the broom.
Red, seeing the battle was not in his favor, suddenly decided to opt for the "ostrich maneuver" and dove into the fence, burying his head under the fence and getting stuck--with his head in the sand.
It took a few minutes, but the Darlin' Man emerged triumphant, carrying a rather sedate Red into the pen built for the billy goat (for when the does give birth).
He gently lay Red down, thinking the rooster had no fight left in him.
As the fella headed for the gate, Red roused his self and attacked! A quick dash out the gate while fending off the outraged bird with the broom and the Darlin' Man escaped.
Red spent the rest of the evening muttering to himself and scratching furiously at the dirt. He eyed any one who came close to the pen with fowl fury.
This morning, Red was still eyeing me with suspicion when I fed him. The hens seemed calm and content.
And there were 2 eggs...

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