Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my 54th birthday!
There are doctors, family members, friends, high school acquaintances, etc that all thought I would have kicked the bucket by now!
How wrong they were....
Not only have I survived various health crisis's, accidents, risky endeavors, stupid decisions, etc, I have THRIVED!
Today I am planting my winter in El Paso the weather is still warm, so my seeds will sprout and there is time enough for the greens I am planting to grow so that I will be able to harvest them for yummy salad greens and stir fry's. I ordered my seeds from Baker Creek seeds. I strongly suggest you check them out! Their seed catalog can be classified as "gardening porn" as the photography and descriptions are amazing. Check out the massive amount of heirloom tomatoes they offer!
Don't forget to order their FREE catalogue for 2011!

Tomorrow, for my birthday, I plan on doing as little as possible...I think I deserve a day off!
I will sleep late ....won't get up until, oh, maybe 6 am as opposed to my usual 4:30 am.
I will have a leisurely breakfast of chai tea and cream of wheat (my favorite) with a dollop of strawberry jam on top. Leftover beef stew for lunch.
I have informed the darlin' man that HE will be cooking my dinner!
Maybe that's a risky decision...but I think he can handle it!

So, one thing I do on my birthday is think about one or two skills I want to learn over the next year.
I set a few goals in areas of my life as well.
Kind of like New Year's Resolutions, except I do it on my birthday!
I find I stick to goals, etc made on my birthday better than New Years.
I also usually get myself a present. This year, unfortunately, the water pump on the car went kaput this week and payday for the darlin' man isn't until the first, so all the funds I had saved up in my paypal account I transferred to my bank account to help out.
I guess that gorgeous corset I found on ebay and the art supplies will wait! comes birthday 54 !
Since I plan on living to 108, I guess I am halfway there!


  1. Happy (early) birthday, fellow Scorpio! I hope it's a great one. :)

  2. Many Happy Returns, my friend! I hope your special day is just that!

    Have a safe and happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Eve, Lambykins ...
    Enjoy your day!

    : )


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