Monday, July 12, 2010

Snidely Whiplash, Nell Fenwick and Corn--BUT NO DUDLEY!

Remember this guy? Oh yes...Snidely Whiplash, the evil scourge of the Canadian Rockies. We all hated him...and with good reason! He was always trying to harm in some way or another, the epitome of Canadian loveliness and chasity, Nell Fenwick.

Today, there is a new Snidely Whiplash and this scourge has ventured worldwide...Nell is not the only one in danger...WE ALL ARE.
Unfortunately, Dudley appears to have ridden off into the sunset, probably to retire with his beloved horse somewhere beside a small remote lake, so we are going to have to untie ourselves from this particular railroad track!

Who is this new Snidely?
A multi-national corporation that has poisoned the environment--but not BP!
A company that has sent *agents* to trespass onto to private property to commit theft and they are held to less legal responsibility than government agencies!
A corporation that has INTENTIONALLY altered gene sequences in corn, wheat, and other food plants without fully testing the side effects of their actions!

If you know little or nothing about this company, it is past time for you to learn!


You might also want to spend some time watching THIS

There are least a dozen more films out there explaining how one corporation---Monsanto---has *patented* seed. That's right they have PATENTS on seeds...and at one point, they attempted to patent livestock. Not livestock they created, but livestock that carried a gene that had desired attributes (faster maturation, more meat, higher milk yield, etc)
There's a movie about that as well. Patent For a Pig  explains quite well the situation.

Take some time out from your busy schedules and attempt to watch these documentaries, if you haven't seen them yet.

Now...what do I intend to do about it?
I am attempting to boycott corn. Almost every grain of corn in the USA is GMO. "Frankenfood". Also in South America. The EU hasn't started licking Monsanto's boots just yet, although I am sure the boots are squeaky clean considering the attentions the US gov't. gives them!
Corn is in damn near everything in the US. I think one of the films said that about 75 to 80% of all foods on American grocers shelves contain corn in one form or another.
I intend to buy organic or from trusted sources ONLY for beef, milk, fresh produce, etc.

We know SOME of the damages GMO foods can cause:
Decreased fertility
Insect death (Hive Collapse Syndrome and the death of hundreds of thousands Monarch Butterflies in the past few years)
Early-Onset Puberty (there are now examples of girls starting menstruation at age SIX---usually in poor third world areas where Monsanto has so generously donated grains!)
Less crop per acre than non-GMO or hybrid plants.
Increased resistance to herbicides (by noxious weeds)
Increased resistance to Insecticides (by damaging insects)
Less disease resistance of food crops

Monsanto is NOT trying to "save the world and stamp out hunger"! They are out for a profit, no matter whose life it costs!

We are all Nell right now, and Snidley has the upper hand---for the moment!
Dudley is no longer around, so, boys and girls, it is time to be your own Dudley!

Grow and can/dehydrate/save all you can from good non-hybrid and non-gmo seed. (I recommend as a good source of organic heirloom seeds)
Buy from trusted sources.
Go organic as much as you can. Yes, I know it is more expensive--but it is worth it.
Buy local. Go to local farmers markets, pick your own farms, etc.
ASK the farmer or produce manager or other source what pesticides they use, what kind of seed, etc. STAY INFORMED!
Do not use canola oil, corn oil, corn syrup or any products with corn syrup. Check labels.
 This is your health we are talking about. Your children's health. Even the health of the planet is involved.

Be vigilent.
Be Dudley!


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  2. Ordinarily I'd love to be tied up with you but not this time! Monsanto is pure evil. Good for you spreading the word.


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