Friday, June 11, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!

So glad the week is almost over...and today is my son's payday...since I am currently not employed, I do errands for him on Fridays when he gets paid.
Today, I have to put his computer in the shop, get a new power cord for the internet router, find him a desk and possibly, a chair, grab some flea treatment for the dog and a few items for him.

Tomorrow, I go dig some more dirt for my container gardening. I have already found a couple of good places and have several buckets of dirt...I may pick up a bag or two of potting soil as well.

For my little patch of ground outside, I need a garden rake, so I will price those today and may even buy one if I find a good deal on one.

The rest of my weekend is pretty much planned out...only so many hours in each day!

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