Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to the work at hand...

Well, after giving everyone a week to let the bad news about the economy sink in, I have been making plans here among the tree-tops (third floor apartment, I look down at the trees!)

First things first. Going to be doing some container gardening and there is a small patch in front of the house and another beside it I can use. I have also found some vacant land down by the railroad tracks that would be great for some "guerilla gardening".
Whatever gardening I did back at the rooming house was abandoned when I had to move and I understand that the new manager thought the plants were weeds and cut them all down...ah well...

I have a huge fire escape here and I am thinking of using containers + fire escape for trellis to grow some late vineing cherry tomatoes and other like minded veggies.

Herbs can be easily grown in containers, too. I have plenty of room mate works at a fast food joint and brings home 5 gallon buckets!
Plenty of seeds as well.

All I need is dirt! Plan on investigating that later today. There are quite a few vacant lots around, a large expanse of land down by the tracks and other assorted places I can go to dig up a bucket or six of dirt to start my endeavor.

I will post progress reports on my gardening!


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