Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

In my neck of the woods, anyway.
No more frost, plenty of sunshine and, of course, rain.
All the garden places have gorgeous bedding plants sitting out and I drool at them everytime I pass by.
If I could, I would take them all home and fill the yard with them!

My big deal this week is sorting through my wardrobe and weeding out the clothes that I no longer wear, no longer fit me, are beyond reasonable repair and just plain worn out.
Most women I know hang on to clothes WAY too long!
We all have that one pair of jeans that fit us "when I was 10 pounds lighter" and look just perfect on us, if only we could get back down to the weight we were when we bought them.
The lovely plum blouse that matches absolutely NOTHING else we own, but we bought because it was on sale and such a good deal...except it has been hanging in the closet for two years and we have NEVER worn it!
The dress we bought to wear to a friends wedding--but never wore again--and said friend now has 3 school!
Time to weed those wardrobes, ladies!
I make three piles...
One to take to Goodwill, One to cut up to use for quilts or other projects--I also save the buttons and some zippers and other notions. Last pile is for the trash bin. I remove all buttons and other useful notions off of them as well.

I find that I always have way more shoes than I need. People seem to give me shoes, or I pick up a pair or two at Goodwill or another thrift store. So, I try on every pair I have, walk around in them a bit and decide if I should keep them. My criteria for keeping a pair boils down to comfort and practicality. Do they fit well? Can I walk  a mile in them? Do they match my clothing?
Shoes that do not fit well are tossed or given away immediately. The *walk a mile in the shoes* test weeds out a few more pair. I am not hung up on the *matchy-matchy* thing, but I *try* not to wear, say, bright purple sandals with an orange dress, lol!

Next...purses, handbags, pocketbooks. My nemesis. I love purses. Don't know why. I can rarely bring myself to throw one out. This year, I am DETERMINED to reduce my purses by 1/2.
 This one is gonna be difficult. All my purses are in great condition, all are useful. But I really, REALLY have to weed them out. I'll let you know how that goes.... I go into weeding out my wardrobe...hopefully it will free up lots of room in my closet!


  1. I did this not too long ago. I have been told by friends that for a woman, I have a very small wardrobe:D

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