Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Pause That Refreshes....

Been taking a bit of a break because just so much has been going on here.
I have so much to do every day...it seems the lists of "should do today" and "MUST do today" keep getting longer and longer.
I do have a new reciprocating saw which has given me much entertainment...and a few moments of WHOOPS! here and there. Still have all my fingers and toes at last count. Of course, as I embark on yet another construction project tomorrow that is subject to change...
"MUST do's" this week include reorganizing my pantry, fixing up my room in preparation for my darlin' man coming home, doing laundry, and cleaning up around the house.
My "should do" list includes a million things...sewing a dress, finishing a quilt, starting another quilt, sewing some curtains, and so on and so forth...
So, excuse me if I don't add to my blog here or over at Lambykins (my other blog) for about a week...just so much to do and only so many hours to get it done in!

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