Sunday, December 13, 2009

More *Everything for a Buck* gift ideas

Okay, I had occasion to wander into our local "Everything $1" store here recently.
Now, as I posted about a month ago, you can pare down your Holiday gift giving expenses by shopping at one of these places and still get gifts that will be appreciated and used.
Make your budget and STICK TO IT!

For the kids (age 10 and under): There are usually oodles of toys, coloring books, childrens books, childrens Bibles (at my local one!), socks, rubber duckys, infant clothes (for babies or dress up a hand made baby doll!)

For adolescents and teens: Journals, diaries, cosmetics, pocket knives (at my local store), rain ponchos (good to go in a B.O.B or E.D.C.), notebooks, pens (does anyone ever have enough pens?), bubble bath, bath fizzies, fancy soap, books (saw several good novels suitable for teens at mine), Bibles, covers for cell phones, fake tattoos, jewelry...and on and on...

Women: The aforementioned rain poncho, bath goodies, perfumes, jewelry, books, Bibles, pretty scented candles, office and stationery supplies, cosmetics, hair accessories...and on and on....

Men: Pocket knives, tools, car accessories such as cup holders--etc, computer mouse pads, Biibles, books, mens cologne, covers for cell phones, etc and son...

Use your imagination! If you only have $5.00 budgeted for Aunt Martha, go in there and get her 5 presents!
Maybe Aunt Martha likes her bath-time...
A pretty basket, some Yardley English Lavender soap, a lavender scented candle and some lavender bubble bath and lavender bath fizzies.. Crumple some tissue paper into the basket, put the soap, candle and bubble bath and fizzies in, tie a ribbon around the basket, DONE!
Aunt Martha like to write? Stack a journal, a thesaurus/dictionary, a package of nice pens, a pack of pencils and a pencil sharpener together and tie ribbon over it to tie it together.

Now Uncle have $5.00 budgeted for him, too.
Uncle Bob like to fish?
Looking at my local $1.00 store, I actually found some fishing stuff!
So, get Uncle Bob a little tupperwear-type container (I saw a nice square one that had a handle, I think it was actually for school supplies), a couple of lures, a package of hooks, a pocket knife and (if your store has it) some pine scented soap to get *fishy* smell off his hands.

Budgetts may be limited, but your imagination is endless!

I haunt yard sales all summer long and buy stuff for presents there. Many people have no clue that I NEVER spend more than $1.00 on each present I give.
Yeah...I AM that cheap!
This year, I outdid myself.
I got presents for an entire family...6 kids and 2 parents that are friends of mine.
TOTAL cost (I am almost embarrassed to admit this): $2.50.
That's right. I spent no more than 25 cents on each person.
NOT impossible.
I went to a yard sale my neighborhood association had...they had OODLES of stuff and it was close to the end of the day.
They were almost giving it away!
For Mom and Dad, I got each a book.
For the two youngest boys I found toys (still in original packaging! Seriously!), For one child, a snowglobe that plays music, for the 3 girls, jewelry and a purse and a book.
They aren't big presents, but they are all nice and I know the people I am giving them to will use them and like them.

After the holidays I will be grabbing up wrapping paper and tissue paper and gift bags for next year!

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