Friday, October 16, 2009

Long time between posts...

...but as they say, Life intervenes...

Going on to fall here and we FINALLY have some cooler weather here in SouthEast Texas.
Cool air...mmmmmmnnnn...absolute heaven to me!

Have a little over 2 months until Christmas, Yule, Mass of Commercialism, whatever you want to call it.
Too many people spending WAY too much money on mostly cheap plastic crap made in China.

Start preparing NOW for a sane, sensible, debt free holiday season!
Do you sew...even a little?
Make hats, scarves, tote bags, place mats, doll clothes, etc.
Make soap or candles.
Buy some quart canning jars and put together *recipes in a jar*. Google that. Lots of recipes for everything from cocoa mix to bean soup to cake. Trim each jar with a pretty ribbon and a tag with cooking directions.
Go to the nearest *Everything for a Buck* store and buy some pretty baskets to fill with home made cookies and other goodies.
I am going to make a few of these projects in the coming weeks and will post pics of finished projects. May have to borrow a digital camera, but I am going to try to post pics of *how tos* as well.

Look, the economy is in the toilet. It sucks. You know it, I know it, we all know it.
Why put yourself in debt for something that is liable to be tossed aside within a few days?
I know the gifts I have suggested would not make a childs heart bubble over with joy (except maybe the doll clothes), but in the coming weeks, I will come up with suggestions for the littler ones on your list!

Our theme this year:
Give from the heart, not the pocketbook!

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