Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gifts in a Jar

Some gifts in a jar are necessary to do NOW.
Why NOW?
Some things, such as brandied fruit, need time to set in order to be *done* by the holidays.

Here is one of my favorites, that I am making tonight!

Honeyed Ginger Slices

Fresh Ginger, peeled and sliced into slices no more than a 1/4 inch thick...thinner is better!
Raw honey
Pint or half-pint jar(s) --depends on how much you are making. I suggest the wide mouth type.

Pour just enough honey into the jar to cover the bottom.
Add layer of ginger slices, enough to cover the honey.
Pour in enough honey to cover the ginger slices.
Add another layer of ginger slices.
Pour in another layer of honey...
Continue until jar is full, making sure to put a layer of honey as the last layer.

Now, some people then do a boiling water bath. I don't because I feel the high heat destroys the good enzymes in the honey.

Set the jar(s) in the back of your pantry for at least one month. It gives the ginger slices time to absorb the honey.
Use the ginger slices in the bottom of your tea cup for a lovely way to sweeten a cup of hot tea on a cold morning.
Use the ginger spiced honey in baking or on pancakes.
I end up sneaking a slice or two of the ginger when I have the sniffles. Clears up my sinuses and tastes SO good!
If it sets for long enough that the honey crystallizes, no worries!
Continue to use the slices in your tea and just set the jar in hot water to liquefy the honey again!
The ginger honey also works well as a cough syrup!

Tomorrow...Three amazing brandied fruit recipes!

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