Friday, April 3, 2009

The map you see posted here is from Environmental Commons (
It shows which states are friendly to such things as family farms, farmers markets, etc and which states have onerous fees and regulations encouraged by Monsanto and other huge agri-business concerns.
If you are in a white, green or yellow state, watch the legislation in your state government to make sure that Monsanto and their evil minions are not attacking your rights to grow your own food.
If you live in a red state...fight back! Notify your representatives that the laws that benefit huge agri-business at the expense of smaller family run farms need to be repealed!
Do everyone a favor: DO NOT USE MONSANTO PRODUCTS. Don't buy their seeds, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Do not buy soybeans, grow them yourselves. Do not buy corn at grocery stores, grow it yourselves. Or buy *shares* in a local small farm or buy from a trusted farmers market or *pick your own* farm. ASK what pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers they use.
Buy your seeds from heirloom seed savers, not large companies. Local is best! Join seed trading clubs, locally or online.
Same for your livestock. Stay away from huge companies and the bigger farms and ranches when you buy livestock. Most of the larger concerns use growth hormones and other artificial means to fatten up livestock. Try and buy *heirloom* livestock as well.
Buy local as often as you can!
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Good video here:

Campaign against NAIS, campaign against Monsanto. If you have not seen the documentary "The World According to Monsanto" WATCH IT!

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