Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What I Have Been Doing...

So...back to life and how it tends to meander on...

I got my job back at the local grocery. I had intended to only work part time...and they had intended to hire me for part time.
But...end of the school year when their teenaged employees decide to scatter to the four winds and all...it turned into full time pretty darn quick!
I got a fifth wheel camper with a little help from friends, put it on the property and intended to move into it immediately...
But...a dear friend suffered a grievous loss of a brother and I ended up staying with her and helping her with her kids and house. Right now, her brothers widow is staying with her and I have been staying to help her cope as she(the widow) cannot stand being alone right now.
I intended to work on the camper when I had days off from work, etc., so I could move into it as soon as possible....
But...rain, other part time job opportunities and getting called into my full time job on days off...yeah, that went down the tube pretty quick.

It is raining again today and I have a few hours before I go to work. So, no cutting brush, etc.

It just seems that whenever I try to plan something out...the weather or the fates conspire against me!
So...meander, I will.


  1. Cutting brush around the house or camper or whatever is real important because of snakes and what have you. Be careful, a snake bite after having heart trouble could be very very bad. Make lots of new friends who work cheap! ha ha ha ha

    1. I am too far north for venomous snakes. Best we get up here are garter snakes!
      Mainly cutting the brush so it won't scratch up the sides f the camper and possibly break a window when I move the camper!

  2. Where are you and when are you going to update. Miss seeing your blog. Hope all is well and you are moving right along on your relocation and re-start. Have a great day!


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