Saturday, April 9, 2016

Contentment Level Dial Turned to 11 !

Since last Sunday morning, I have driven a total of 2300 miles.
I am back in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. I took a detour through Virginia where I saw two of my sons and one of my daughters, and my lovely daughter-in-law and my grandson.

I have a tiny house now. It needs fixing up and there's no running water and power comes from an extension cord hooked up to a pole in the yard, but it is enough for me.

I took these pictures last summer when the friend that owns the tiny house was considering selling it and wanted to place an ad on craigslist. It didn't sell (thankfully) and my friend said if I wanted to move back up here, it was free for me to use as long as I needed it.

So, 10 x 15 feet. There is a rudimentary kitchen. A bathroom just big enough to put a composting toilet in. A closet (!). A few shelves. Room enough for a full sized or twin bed, a chair or two, a couple of small tables and a few book shelves. It has a tiny wood stove for heating and cooking.

Perfect for me and Siona the Wonder Dog. (Siona was an absolute angel on the trip up here and behaved perfectly!)

I love it up here in northern New Hampshire. I feel so at home here, anywhere else just feels wrong.
I adore friends Tina and Bill that I was staying with....but Missouri is not the place for me.
I would love to live closer to my kids in Virginia, but the Shenandoah Valley lost it's charms for me a long time ago.

My ex has fled the area as he quit his job the day his boss was going to fire him for stealing from the company. He now splits his time between 2 different *partners/fiances* in Stowe, Vt. and another one in Burlington. And he is working at a bowling alley in Stowe. So, he is too busy to come up here and bug me. That's a good thing! His son and d-i-l and their 2 kids live in the farmhouse now and have taken in a renter to help pay the bills, so I am still getting the payments.

I checked at my old job when I got back and they may hire me back. I'll find out for sure on Monday.

My health is excellent and I am feeling better every day. Especially since I got back here!
I was thrilled when a snowstorm came up here the day I arrived!
SNOW! my blog will switch focus a bit. Still out in the country, still going to be prepping, gardening, food storage, etc. No animals.......yet.

But I am going to be turning a kinda grubby tiny house into a home. It needs work. I'll be taking pictures...before and after. next great adventure is here! Come along for the ride if you like!


  1. Sounds like you are in a good place in more ways than one. One less old friend I have to worry about for awhile.

  2. Glad you got "home" safe and sound.
    Please take a lot of photos so we can follow along.

  3. Lamb,

    Good to hear you're getting back on your feet. The little house is adorable. Can't wait to see what you've done to it when you post pictures.

  4. We loved having you here, but we're a glad to see you go, lol,it's not every day that a gypsy soul finds home. You deserve this happiness.

  5. About time!! I was beginning to worry. My husband LOVED your blog so it's now up to me to follow along with your progress. He passed away almost 2 months ago. I love the little house, it's adorable.

  6. Oh I love the little house also and I'm so happy for you.

  7. I am happy for you Gwen. You'll be able to paint it any color you want. I mean besides white! Keep up the posts.


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