Friday, January 15, 2016

Looking Out For My Future

Well. Now that I am, more or less, on my own, I need to get going with my future.
I have applied for jobs, taken out a few ads on employment sites, etc.
Now I have a few responses.
Managing and/or working on organic farms mostly.
All the jobs I have applied for include housing.
I don't plan on leaving here until spring...late March, early April, so I have time to think about it.

My health is doing great. Still walking and now doing cardio. Plan on finding some weights.
Still losing weight.
So, pretty sure I can withstand the rigors of farm life!

When you are my age and looking at your future, it is a lot different from when you are 20 or 30 or even 40. I am 59 now.
I think I still have a lot of life left in me, but the general opinion of society is that someone my age is on the downhill slide.
So, job offers are few and far between!
Still, I have a remarkable skill set and a lot of knowledge gained by experience.
I should be able to transfer my skills and knowledge into a job.
So, here I am, starting over yet again...but I know I can do it!
A few inspirational quotes for today:


  1. You've never been one to bow down to societal norms. If you put your mind to it, it will get done, period.
    You will get back home, you will have your farm back, & you will have some amazing adventures (hopefully good ones that don't include guns or sirens, lol).

  2. "Well. Now that I am, more or less, on my own, I need to get going with my future."

    Hum, I've always figured I was responsible for my future and I've made it 72 years doing just that. Since moving to Texas last year I've had way to much time on my hands so have been thinking about taking on some kind of work to keep me busy and make me a few bucks to boot.

    After talking to some friends during the last few days I'm pretty damn sure I'm going to buy a new riding mower , ya just have to undercut others a few bucks to pick up all the work you can get. Hell, riding a rider is easy work and folks think you are working while you ride around looking busy drinking a beer. :-)

    Just today I was offered three mowing jobs, I should be able to pick up an extra hundred bucks a day if I want to work that much being as the grass in Texas has to be mowed damn near the year around.

  3. here I am coming back from my vacation long enough to wish you well in whatever new endeavor you choose. Remember, "The dirtiest 4 letter word is:"quit". Never give up, never surrender the rat

  4. Too bad you're not in VA anymore. Just saw a news video of some farm that's looking for people to tend goat kids at kidding time. It was something about Goat Cuddlers

    1. They want VOLUNTEERS. No pay. Also, I never raised my goats like that. I let the mamas and babies stay together 24/7 for 2 weeks. Then i separate them at night, milk the mamas in the morning and let them stay together all day.

  5. dedicated a song to you over at the Mohave Journal. check it out!

  6. When I was a kid in northern Idaho I hiked into the mountains a couple times a year to visit an old Greek that raised goats to scratch out a living. Goat meat was good but I didn't like the cheese he made. There is a lady that lives near here that makes good goat cheese.

  7. The last graphic strikes a cord with me, during a fit of temporary insanity I moved to Texas. :-)


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