Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good Grief!

I made my same old mistake and watched and read the news for the past few days.
I HAVE to stop doing that!!!
North Korea tests a nuke. Maybe. Maybe not. Oh yes they did. Oh no they didn't.  Well, they did something! Whatever it is, they are lying about it.
The reporting on that is....all over the map.
Wish somebody would actually have the freakin' FACTS.
Saudi warplanes attack Iranian embassy in Yemen. Wait....what? I have no clue what is going on over there. Every few days some little country over there is attacking, getting attacked, executing someone, imprisoning someone, killing their own people....
Just stop that crap already, okay?!?!?
I am just so damn tired of hearing about it. I am sure the average person that lives in the Middle East is very damn tired of going through it. Just calm the hell down, start acting like rational adults and maybe sit the hell down and try to talk your crap out.
My entire adult life I have seen one war after another in the Middle East. We weren't involved with all of them. A LOT of them, but not all.
That's another thing.
The US needs to stop sending troops to every little conflict. Tired of that, too.
We need to get the politicians to calm the hell down here, too. Work on job programs, bringing businesses back from India and China and Mexico so our own folks can have jobs.

I don't know.
Maybe I am getting old. Maybe I am getting crankier with age, too.
Just so damn tired of seeing an entire planet full of people acting like dang fool idiots.

Make me Ruler of the Planet for a few weeks....I'll straighten EVERYBODY'S crap out!
I'll pick a bunch of old people as darn cranky as I am as my advisors.
Mohave Rat, you can go after the VA and straighten them out. I'll also put you in charge of Health and Human Services and Social Security. In fact, you can cover the US and Canada. Maybe Mexico, too. Yeah, you can hire a few helpers.

BBC, you can have charge of SouthEast Asia. Let's throw in India as well. Maybe you can put some damn birth control in the water for a few years so they'll slow down on their reproduction for a bit until their agriculture, industry, healthcare, and employment can catch up. No more than one half of your helpers can be hired from the Playboy *Pet of the Month*or the porn industry. Notice I did not put the same restriction on Rat. I trust him, lol!

I'll handle the Middle East and Western Europe. A couple of my helpers may come from the ranks of the Chippendale dancers, but only a few...just to dress up the office a little, you understand.

I still need somebody to handle China and someone to handle Eastern Europe and Russia. And Australia and the South Pacific Islands. Someone for South and Central America, as well.
Nominations are open.
To qualify, the nominee has to be over 50, possess a cranky attitude and common sense.

The main focus (and motto) of my benevolent world dictatorship will be;
Stop the stupid crap already!
I think this is an idea who's time has come.
We need to print up some bumper stickers.


  1. Hell, sounds good to me! Lamb for Queen! Lamb for Queen!

  2. "North Korea tests a nuke."... I'm shaking in my fucking boots. :-) My solution for the last ten years has been to just whitewash those stupid motherfuckers.

    I'll become a benevolent world dictator after I get rid of all the stupid motherfuckers. :-)


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