Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And How's the Weather Where You Are?

No snow here. Some of my family lives in Virginia and they got hit pretty hard by Winter Storm Jonas. (When did they start naming Winter storms?) Almost all are dug out now, so all is good.
My son and grandson enjoying some snow fun!

We didn't get any snow here, and though it got chilly, it never got what I consider cold. Of course, cold is a matter of perspective and experience. So, what they consider cold here...I consider "not so bad".
By Friday it will be in the 60s here (or so the weather report says). In the the end of January, start of February! Wow. While that may sound pleasant, I think of apple (and other fruit) trees coming into bloom too early and then a later freeze killing the blossoms and therefore the fruit. I have seen it happen before and then seen the corresponding rise in prices in the grocery store. So...keep an eye on that!
I have applied for some jobs locally. I feel fine and strong and am sure I will be able to work with no problems. The doctor says there should be no problems, too. So...time to get some income coming in!
I plan on going back to NH, so I feel it is prudent if I have a little nest egg.

I am also doing more paintings in the hope I can sell some of them as well.
Since I am indulging my creative side while here, I also started writing a book. I have been hesitant to share it with my readers, but I think I may be just about ready to unveil it. I will do so tomorrow and post the link on this blog, so watch for it! It is what is called "PAW fiction" (Post-Apocalyptic World). I hope you guys like my work in progress when you get to see it.
Have been thinking a lot about what kind of farming I am going to do when I get back to NH.
My first consideration is (of course) going to be expense.
I don't think I should shoot too high.
Gardening, of course. And chickens.
Goats may have to wait until I get more established, so, I have been thinking of raising other poultry/fowl.
Geese and ducks.
Right now I am researching the best breeds for the climate, plus the markets that already exist for them and markets that could be developed in the region.
If you haven't had roast duck

Or roast goose

You have REALLY been missing out!

Not many people in the US include duck or goose in their diets, unless they have an avid hunter in the family.
A lot of it is the expense...if you look in the grocery store, either one is wildly expensive!
The expense is due to there being a small market, therefore fewer farmers raise them making the ones that do make it to market a rare and precious item. If more farmers raised them, the cost would come down and people would buy more, making them more affordable for everyone.
Try ordering duck at a restaurant (IF they even have it on the menu). WHOA!!! At most places it makes the lobster look cheap! And the only places I have even read about serving goose is *period* type restaurants at Christmas time. (City Tavern in Philadelphia being an example).
So, maybe, there is a niche there that small farmers can fill.
Ducks and geese are not more expensive than chickens to raise and process for meat. Their eggs are just as delicious and, geese eggs, with their thicker shells, can be used in many art projects.

So...looking at various breeds to see what will suit the climate the best, which are best for meat, which are best for eggs, etc.
The biggest expense will be getting the initial breeding stock or eggs, an incubator and the initial feed to get them started.
So...doing my research, getting all my ducks in a row, so to speak....

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    Where I have been buying my goose eggs for over 45 years.

    Also I'm paying between $10 to $20 dollars for very small to extra large emu eggs. Rhea run about the same price and of course ostrich are running around $15-$20. I scored on a tiny ostrich about the size of large grapefruit for $10. It's hard to find small or extra large in ostrich, emu and rhea. Also the size of the egg that the different breeds of geese lay would be something to consider. I'll pay $15 for a tripple yolk size goose. I also pay a premium price for long thin goose eggs from young geese.

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