Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Quick Glimpse....

Been so busy! But here are Champagnes lovely twins.
Not sure about the names as of yet. The fawn colored one is a boy, the white and black one is the girl.
I am thinking Dolly for the girl...not sure about the boy. Gotta start with a *D* though. Still not sure about *Dolly*, so if you think of girls names, let me know.
Accepting all ideas, lol! (And we already have a *Daisy*)


  1. Delilah? Donna (Doctor who reference,lol), Dolores? That was my godmother's name.
    I'm lost on boys name,except for Devon....or Darren.
    Congrats on the adorable babies.So many little ones running around!

  2. so is my suggestion of "Delta" in the running? Delta Dawn like the old song! I guess my other comment didn't make it past the censors!

  3. My computer (or blogger) has been eating comments, dammit! I like Delta, too. Still wondering about a boys name for her twin. What would go good with Delta?

    1. Well of course for a boy there is only one name starting with D...Duke! or if you prefer Diogenes! Durwood is nice or Dixon. Could always name him Devil! ha ha ha


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