Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring. Ahhhhhh.....Spring...

Spring is finally here. After a short repeat of winter in mid-April when we had 3 days straight of snow every single morning...ACK!....the snow has melted, the heat is turned off and I no longer have to wear a coat to go feed the critters.
The new ducks have been named.
Duck comfit and duck l'orange.
Reality, people.
I'm starting to clear the land a bit, and with some luck, I'll get my garden area tilled this weekend.
Got my seed order from Bakers Creek and I am happy about that! Heavy on fodder crops. Pumpkin, turnips and beets. My plan is to use the fodder crops and hay to feed the livestock this winter, along with as many apples as I can find. Cut my feed bill by more than half.
We have a mama moose and baby moose wandering on the property and while clearing some small trees out yesterday, I found moose poop within about 50 ft of the back of the house! Going to have to be careful when I am out and about. Mama moose are very protective of their babies!
The agenda for today includes cleaning the barn and starting the wattle fence for the chicken coop I will be building.
Hope everyone out there is enjoying their Spring!
I'll post pics of the chicken yard fence as I am constructing it and when I finish.

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  1. Can't wait to see pics of your garden & all the work you've been doing.
    I have to say, I read the duck names & had a fit,oh Hun I needed a good laugh. And that btw,is why everyone loves you :)


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