Thursday, May 14, 2015

Again...Waiting! And TV!

None of my girls have kidded yet. All five have bagged up, some more than others, and a couple have the *dear god, I am about to explode* look. (Lilac and Nikki, I'm talking about you!) I think Lilac will kid first.
The last couple of weeks always drives me crazy. I am absolutely certain they will all kid at the same time...probably when I am in the shower. All having complications. Yay! Pessimism rules!
When we moved out here, we discovered the expense of a tv service (satellite or through phone cable in my area) was WAY too high to make it worth it. But, we did get internet.
So, a lot of you-tube and other free stuff. We have a blu-ray player and it gets wifi.
The Darlin' Man finally broke down and got Netflix and HuluPlus. Each runs around $7.99 a month.
I get WAY more than I could ever watch in my lifetime and have discovered shows and movies I never would have found on my cable or satellite package. Plus, a lot of older shows and classic movies.
So, we *cut the cord* as far as tv service is concerned. I don't watch a great deal, but I think what I do watch is better in quality.
Our latest obsession is a British show, "Waking the Dead" which is a police drama. Cold Case + CSI + Law and Order type show. Two episodes of an hour each for each *case*. I think we all like it because you can't figure out who *dunnit* and why they *dunnit* within the first 10 minutes (as you usually can on US police dramas). If you get a chance to watch it, please do! It has nine seasons, so it's going to take us a while to watch them all!
Time to go out and check the goats again....c'mon Lilac, you can do it!
And please, no complications!

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  1. Well I don't feel so backwards now,lol, we've got the same setup as you do. Joys of country living, TV ain't cheap. We've got a small antenna for local stations but most of out tv watching is binging on series we've missed out on or just missed (like MASH). There are times when I think we were happier without the net too, but technoholic husbands don't allow us to go that far ;)
    Good luck with the kids,will keep my fingers crossed that they all come out just fine,literally. :D


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