Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Depressing

Well, we made it through February.
The coldest February in New Hampshire in 145 years, so the papers tell me.
It got pretty bad some nights here. -30 and lower is nothing to laugh at.
Good thing is, it is starting to thaw a bit during the day. Roads are clear. Of course, New Hampshire is amazing at cleaning the roads, even during snowstorms. Southern New Hampshire got it much worse than we did. Roofs collapsing all over Manchester and Concord. Schools, malls, homes, etc.

We lost Beatrice and then, the start of last week we went out to feed and found Alberto, our mature male alpaca, dead in one of the stalls. No clue what happened.
So, we got some better feed and more hay and have been coddling the rest of the livestock as best we can.
I am getting depressed about raising livestock. Just seems like bringing them up here maybe wasn't the best idea. I hope we don't lose any more. I just don't think I could handle it.

I am starting seeds this weekend. I'll post which ones and how much. I am hoping to use raised beds IF I can get the lumber real damn quick. In the meantime, today I'll be putting potting soil in all the little seed pots I made out of  2 liter bottles and milk jugs. Also, making some manure tea to water my little seed pots with.

I hope everyone out there is anticipating spring as much as I am!


  1. Lamb,

    I'm wondering if the move and weather from the EL Paso area to where your at now was to much of a shock for some of your critters. I so hope with the weather warming, and the change of feed your critters adjust and things turn around.

    What type of seeds will you be planting? Milk jugs work great for starting seeds.
    Hugs to you and yours.

  2. :(
    I'm sorry hun.
    Good luck with your seedlings though & hopefully spring will grace us with it's presence soon. :)

  3. So sorry about Alberto. That has to be tough. I only have cats left right now and they are my babies. We use to have rabbits.We may have had a ton more snow here in the south east (I am in Exeter), but I am thankful that we never had the temps that you did. Yes, we did see -teens with wind chills in the -25's, but nothing like you. ((hugs)) I am afraid to start my seedlings. We still have 5 feet of snow and even more (thanks to the snow drifts) in our garden beds.

  4. I'm sorry about all your losses :( I wouldn't have thought a move like that would have proven to be so stressful on the animals (and humans!), but maybe, no matter how great the feed or how loving you were to them, that they just weren't adjusting to the dramatic climate change. I know that when we moved just from Northern IL to Arkansas, I would get sick in the summers for several years because of the temp differences. Sending good vibes your way.

  5. just found your blog and can't wait to spend some time seeing how it's done up north. ( from Louisiana)

  6. Sorry about your loses. You do know that you can make raised beds without boards. Raised beds ( French Intensive-double digging can be done equally well without boards. You can always add boards later in the year when it is readily available.


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