Saturday, February 7, 2015

Where To Go Before The Collapse Part 2

So...where are you at...more importantly, where do you want to be?
We can eliminate some places....
Water. Garden or livestock or just you and your need water!
No water, no life. Make sure , where-ever you go, there is adequate water for your endeavors!

Next...population density:
This gives you a quick overview of the population density in the US. You do NOT want to be in a highly populated area if there is a collapse. Think Ferguson, Mo. Think back to the L.A. riots.

Now think of what happened in Louisiana the day the food stamps didn't load correctly on EBT cards. True, they were loaded 24 hours later...but if they hadn't been...?
Then there's crime...
Other things may be important to you as well.....length of winter or summer. Average temperatures in winter or summer, are there government installations nearby, military bases, hospital access, etc.
Investigate all of these thoroughly!
Go through maps, look up statistics on 
If you can, visit the area you want to relocate to. Talk to the people there, look at the economy closely. I will cover some of that in a later post.


  1. I'm 64 years old and in bad shape. I don't make long range plans. I figure I got maybe 15 yrs left if I'm lucky. It's been fun while it lasted but all parties eventually end. I am going to enjoy today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

  2. I picked the Smokey Mountains when I left the Marines in1986. It's proven to be a good choice over the years.

  3. Montana is where it's at. Close to the Canadian border so if a border hop is 100% necessary, you could continue to move north. There's plenty of water and there's mountains which can provide natural, protective barriers as well as shelter. Also, keep in mind that yellowstone is an active super-volcano and it will erupt again one day. Historically, half of Montana has been hit by debris from an eruption. The prediction is that the next eruption will be as bad as the largest past eruption which will put the Eastern half of Montana and all of North Dakota in the line of fire for pyroclastic debris. But as it relates to rainfall, population density, social program utilization, and crime rates, Montana is the best bet. I'd avoid Washington state because it's on the coast which I perceive to be a target for an attack.

    1. We considered Montana and Wyoming and the Dakotas. But the issue of water always rose it's ugly head. I have lived in Montana and it is a lovely state, but you still have to buy the water your land sits on, or buy *shares* out of a river or creek that flows through your property. Same for Wyoming and the Dakotas. That made us discard all 4 of those states as a homestead location. As they say...your mileage may vary...

  4. I live in Chicago, realistically what are some options for me if I have to bug out at a moments notice?


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