Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Farming Is Not For Sissies

The loss of Alice's little cria hit me hard, and, yes, I shed some tears over it.
But, farming is like that.
You have gains...and you have losses.
It ain't for sissies.
I try so hard to look at gains and losses objectively, but it is hard to do. I get attached to my animals.
The alpacas (barring a complete collapse of the country) are not meant for the table. Neither are my goats.
The chickens and ducks....well, maybe.
I plan on ordering chicks and maybe ducklings the first week in January. I will be ordering some meant just for the table, but I will order them in February.
The ones I order first will be for the *core* of my laying hens.
I am looking at several different breeds to find the best *mix*.
I know everyone seems to adore Buff Orphingtons, but I have had nothing but bad experiences with them.
So, don't suggest them!
As far as meat chickens, I am still "up in the air" about breeds.
I am maybe considering dual purpose.
Anyone want to make suggestions for chicken breeds, please chime in! Realize it gets cold up here!
As for ducklings to raise for the table, I am considering it...as I LOVE roast duck.
I am going through the different breeds but have yet to decide on that, either.
I have at least a month to decide, so, looking through web sites, catalogs, etc.
I also have to set up a proper brood area for them. I think I have that figured out, just have to put the work in. Once I have it done, but before I order the chicks/ducklings, I'll post some pictures and get suggestions on how to improve it. (There is ALWAYS room for improvement!)
Hope everyone's holiday plans are going well!

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  1. This year we tried barred rocks and am not impressed. The best chickens we ever had were Silver Laced Wyandotts. They have rose combs that don't get frostbit up here in winter. The cold weather does not deter them and they lay lots of eggs winter and summer. They are round and plump and friendly. Pretty, too. One year we had those blue egg layers and they were nice, too, but did not lay as much as the Wyandotts. This spring I think we will go back to them. Can't beat them for cold weather chickens.


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