Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Internet is Working! (Uhmmmm...Sorta, Anyway)

After repeated calls to my internet and phone provider, they FINALLY sent me a repairman with some common sense. He actually looked at the line coming into the house (unlike the previous three guys) and said "Screw it. Let's just replace that old line and see if it helps."
Twenty minutes late, I had internet. And my phone worked, too!
So, lets see if I can get this blog rolling again!
Moose Crossing Sign. Everywhere here!

Local public library. Great place!

Next to library parking lot.

Window box loveliness at library.

Was out and about last week and took a few (pretty bad) pictures. The Moose Crossing signs are on every road here. And for good reason! When you hit a moose with a car...a truck, heck, even a semi!, there's a good chance you will be severely injured (if not outright killed) and your vehicle totaled. About a week and a half ago a lady in the next town over hit a moose...the moose staggered into the other road lane and was hit again by a different lady. Both cars totaled, but fortunately, both drivers survived. One is still in the hospital.
The moose? Staggered over to the edge of the road and sat down. It had to be destroyed because it's injuries were severe enough it wouldn't have survived long in the wild. New Hampshire law mandates that if a moose or deer or bear has to be destroyed by law enforcement, or has been recently killed by a vehicle, local law enforcement should have the animal immediately transported to a place it can be butchered out and the meat saved. The meat is then donated to facilities that can use it. Schools, prisons, group homes, etc.
I have seen a moose on the property here! Also wild turkeys galore. And deer...lots and lots of deer.
There is so much wildlife here! I had to chase an eagle away from the ducks pen!
It is starting to get chilly at night, and we still don't have a heating system. Tomorrow I go to look at a couple of pellet stoves. They are cheaper than an oil furnace and the fuel is cheaper, too.
Until then, I cuddle down at night with lots of blankets....and a couple of the dogs!


  1. Glad to hear from you & looking forward to the "all new you"....or at least the all new "where you live"!

  2. Lamb,

    At least you have a little time to find what you need to get heat into the house before winter and snow arrive.

    Keep warm, and watch out for the Moose!!!

  3. Hope you get the heating situation worked out soon, it's fixing to get cold. Glad to see you're enjoying your new environment :) You make it sound just heavenly.


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