Monday, April 28, 2014

Last week was AWFUL!

Ever have "one of those days"? Well, last week was "one of those weeks".
Our beloved pet duck, Miss Daffy, died. I do not know what, exactly, caused her death. I went out to the duck pen...and there she was, laying still and quiet on her nest. I cried for over an hour.
Later in the week...both of the cars broke down. One was a quick fix, the other still sits at the shop. I called the Darlin' Man and he said to just sell the darn thing as it spends more time in the shop than on the road.
We had dust/wind storms off and on. Clothes put on the line ended up in various neighbors yards...heck, some are probably in the next county!
I finally tackled the Darlin' Man's closet.
So far, 3 duffle bags and 3 large rubbermaid totes filled with uniforms and military gear. And the closet is still not empty! Just looking at the work I did exhausts me. Looking at what I have left to do exhausts me.
Packing is wearing me out. We don't move until the end of June, but I still have so much to do!
The weather is cooler and that helps. When it heats up I feel like I can hardly move.
I guess I better get back to packing.
First I'll have a nice cup of tea and put my feet up for a bit.

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  1. :( It will get better. Just keep your eye on the prize.


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