Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Think I Am A Reasonable Person....

(Okay, stop laughing!)
Seriously, I AM reasonable about most things. I don't demand a lot from loved ones, I am polite to clerks and other folks in the stores, etc.
But right now, I am peeved.
You see, it is my intent to only *Buy American* when we get into a new house.
Fabrics and wallpaper...totally covered! SPOONFLOWER! that link. Awesome fabrics and wallpaper, made in America! Designers are independent artists that get a small percentage from each sale.
If you sew or quilt...I am so sorry (kinda) for giving you that'll be on there for hours!

I thought I had found my new dishes. Then I found out the company that made them had *outsourced* to China in around 1989.
So, now I have found this website American Made Kitchen Stuff
But sadly, no dinnerware that I really like.
No, I don;t like Corelle....YUCK! Dropped one of those plates and it shattered...found slivers of glass for months! Also...saw enough Corelle to last me a lifetime when I worked for World Kitchen!
I did find one pattern from one place on that website that was *okay* was pretty, made in America...and $247.00 for a set for four people! HOLY SMOKE! I can't afford that!
So...I guess the search for dinner wear will go on.
About the move....I get the feeling everything is going to lag for a bit longer...then fall into place and start gaining speed. That is what usually happens with me and will be nothing, nothing, nothing, then BAM! All of a sudden I've moved!
We are playing a bit of a waiting game here...three things have to happen before I go up to New Hampshire to buy a house....and knowing my luck, all three will happen on the same day, lol.
All the baby goats are doing fine. I think I have decided to keep Charlie as our farm *mascot*. The Darlin' Man might protest, but I think I can make a good case for keeping the little guy around.


  1. Have you considered painting your own dishes?
    Good luck with the move, I know you will be MUCH happier when it's done, just in time for spring & summer.

  2. Perhaps you'll have to look at vintage dishes; there are some lovely patterns from the 40's and 50's.

    1. I ended up looking on ebay and found oodles of vintage patterns that appeal to me....and at MUCH more reasonable prices!

  3. I love Corell. It is the only non plastic dish my husband cannot break; and he drops them and bangs them against the sink. Try getting your dishes from antique or second hand stores. A set of beautiful vintage china is really pretty inexpensive and a lot is American made. Beautiful glassware, too.

    1. I know some love Corelle...but I guess after packaging it for a couple years before World Kitchen closed in Va., it lost it's appeal for me. I did find a lot I liked on ebay, PLUS someone sent me an email with a link to, so if I do pick a vintage set, I can find any missing pieces there!

  4. I love my Corelle because the dishes I TRULY love are so HEAVY my shelves would collapse. Not to mention having to wash them. Corelle DOES break when it hits a tile floor. I hate tile floors and guess what was in the house I bought. Tile in the kitchen. Tile in the bathrooms. Everywhere there's a chance to drop something made of glass.


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