Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Goat Heard From...

Lilac surprised us all last night! We had moved her into a temporary pen *just in case*, although we didn't expect her to kid for a day or two yet.
She was checked on every hour, and showed no signs of being about to kid.
Then, without any fanfare or fussing...she kidded!
By the time we got to see the kids, she had already cleaned them up and the wee ones were on their feet!

Another set of boy twins. We named them Lenny and Lester. Lenny is the black and white one, Lester the solid white. Healthy and strong. In fact, by this morning, both were bouncing around the little pen and jumping at their mama.
So, the tally sits at 6 boys, 2 girls. So far. We still have Nola as our *lady-in-waiting*.
We only keep the girls to add to our little herd, so what to do with the boys?
Well, we have worked out a deal with a Greek restaurant in town.
But...I am thinking of keeping one male (intact) as a future herd sire. Just....which one?
Lester and Lenny are strong little ones...and that means Lily's bloodline would continue in our herd.
Gabby's twins, Gary and Gerry are simply adorable...and strong, and that would continue Gabby's bloodline. Especially if we decided to not breed her again. She IS getting up there in age and I don't want to risk her health. She is an excellent herd matriarch, so even if she is not being milked and is not producing kids, she is still a valuable goat to have.
And Gabby's boys are soooo cute!

Look at those ears!


  1. Always the problem of what to do with the boys....

  2. So cute! Well if you go with the odds of about 50/50, the next two should be girls. Keeping my fingers crossed

  3. Lamb,

    They are adorable, sounds like you have a hard decision to make.


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