Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas on the Cheap

We scaled back holiday celebrations here. With the Darlin' Man scampering about the country trying to get everything done for his physical, etc. for the new job, we just kept it very simple.
Trees are expensive here, and, we tossed out the old plastic one after last year because it was so bedraggled.
So, our tree:
 Our tree with the presents under it:
 I didn't buy any wrapping paper. So, I used what we already had (Batman Christmas wrapping paper, lol!) Or presents were sorta concealed in shopping bags we already had laying around!
Everyone got needed items...a lot of socks and underwear. A knife for one, a small coffee maker for another, a used video game for another. Soda and special candies for the guys. Each dog got a new chewy bone.
Here's a couple of new pics of Angus. He is so adorable and I am handling him every day....even though his mama gets upset.


  1. Ok. I have never wanted a Llama (or is it Alpaca?). Up until just right now. Angus is soooooo stinking cute!

    1. Angus is an alpaca.....and you are right, he is so stinking cute! His mama hums to him while she nurses sweet. And when I go out and pet him, he hums to me!

  2. Lamb,

    I love your Christmas tree, it's a great idea. Our Christmas was very quiet, no tree. We both shall see what next year brings :-)

  3. Yay for you for cutting back... I'm working towards it, and loving it.

  4. Like the tree, very imaginative, & probably a heck of a lot easier to take down :)

    1. Took all of 10 minutes to take down...and that includes packing it away for next year!


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