Monday, October 14, 2013

Okay...New Direction...

Blogger limits my blog to 500 total posts.
This is post 493.
So, my options are:
1) Start a new blog on blogspot
2) Go *pro* and pay a fee to get greater post numbers and other goodies on blogspot.
3) Go elsewhere and start a free blog
4) Go elsewhere and start an entire website/blog/etc. for a fee.
5) Just end my blogging days with post 500.

I don't want to end my blogging.
I don't (currently) want to go elsewhere.
I don't (currently) want to go *pro*.

 So...I will have to start a new blog on blogspot.
I am working on that today.
My last post here will be the first post on my new blog (how's that for continuity, folks?).
My last post here will be #499.


  1. I don't get it...I'm on 1200 plus and counting and I've never done anything special and its free. Why the limit?

  2. Oh no, I had no idea one was limited to 500 posts.....guess I should go check how many I have. Any idea what it costs to go "pro" (i.e. extortion money to continue blogging)?

  3. Please keep us abreast on your new blog (the name). I would still like to follow you!!!

  4. I have posted over 800 articles and have never heard from blogger. I don't understand why you are limited. Why not save your old posts to your computer and then delete them. That would reduce your count. I would have exceeded a 1000 posts by now but I went back and got rid of a bunch. Just an alternative to buy you some time if needed.

  5. I never heard of that. wow! is this something they just started? I could of sworn I have read blogs with more posts than that. hmmm.... did you get some kind of warning?

  6. It is weird...I have seen some blogs with 1000+, I dunno. Maybe I will just go ahead and post 500 and 501 here and see what happens?

  7. I am also way over 500, and have never heard of this limit.


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