Sunday, July 7, 2013

Style? What Style? Also...Repurposing on the Homestead...

Since we have ramped up our property search, I have also been browsing through various online furniture and decorating and home improvement sites.
Many have a little quiz thing so you can *identify your style*.
I think I am hopeless.
I seem to have a Modern, Rustic, Victorian style, with a touch of Baroque tossed in for good measure. Plus a "Shabby-Chic" edge. And throw in something Asian while you are at it.
I'd give one of those t.v. show decorators a heart attack!
I guess my style is *Eclectic*, for lack of a better term.
When we move we will be taking very little of the furniture we now have. The majority of it is worn out beyond hope of repair.
More than likely, I will be hitting thrift shops, Craigslist and yard sales to furnish our new home.
And making slipcovers. Lots and lots of slipcovers! I can ALWAYS find fabric I like!
The nice thing about having multiple slipcovers for your furniture is that you can switch around your style easily. Make sure you have different accent pillows to toss in the mix, and it's all good!
While I will be looking for sturdy furniture with *good bones*, as they say, we will NOT be skimping on appliances!
I have already picked out our refrigerator and freezer (two SEPARATE appliances) and the Darlin' Man has agreed to the two stoves we will be getting. One will be gas (probably propane) and the other will be a wood cook stove. Still arguing a bit over brands and styles. We have a few months yet, so we'll get that worked out, I'm sure, by the time we get up North.
While browsing web sites looking for furniture, I also wandered through some farm supply sites.
I realized that I have very little official "farm equipment".
For milking my goats, I have a dishpan and some hand towels (for cleaning udders before milking), some stainless steel mixing bowls (to milk into) and I use various deep pots to put the milk in after straining, depending on whether I am making cheese or cajeta.
For feeding, I have an old enamelware 1 quart bowl that I put the goat's treats in to munch as they are milked.
For the other critters, I have a mix of old Tupperware, a battered old roaster, several plastic ice cream containers and a Folgers coffee container. These are used for feeding and watering.
Rag-tag collection of farm implements, aren't they?
But they do the job and the majority of them were free...discards from neighbors.
The animals don't seem to mind, anyway!

Don't know if I'll put out too much money to buy *official* equipment. Maybe a few things after we a nice hay rack to feed hay to the goats.
But maybe I could build one out of stuff laying around...hmmmmmm...we'll have to see.


  1. I LOVE looking at "real" farm'ish equipment at the stores....then spy the price tag and tell myself we're doing just fine with our plastic vinegar jug feed scoop, old 1/2 gallon pyres measuring "cup" for milking, 5-gallon plastic buckets for water containers, etc. Can't wait to see you're new kitchen equipment though. We've got a Pioneer Made wood cook stove....but it's still sitting downstairs awaiting our future outdoor kitchen.

  2. I do believe you and I have the same decorating style!! And it sounds like you'd fit right into a homestead in the Thirties. I think repurposing is totally acceptable and a lot more "green" than spending a whole lot of money for the "right" equipment. Keep up the good work!

  3. Just for the record, "eclectic" is considered a legitimate style. (Sort of like my blog subjects.)


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